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Product Details

This 11.1 oz 6K Carbon Fabric is constructed in a 5 harness pattern (5HS), which is a 3 x 2 0,90 degree weave. This means the fill tow floats over four warp tows and then under one. This makes the fabric more pliable than standard plain weaves, and allows it to conform better to curved surfaces without deforming the weaves integrity.

The 0,90 degree tow direction provides excellent longitudinal, tensile, and compressive strength to the piece being reinforced. Carbon fiber fabric is a lightweight, high strength composite fabric commonly used for reinforcement when minimal added weight is desired.

6K 5HS Carbon Fiber Fabric is recommended for use in applications on curved surfaces such as railings, or gunnels. This fabric will perform excellent during wet lay up, and vacuum bag molding.

This fabric is 50 inches wide and sold by the yard or 100 yard roll.

Tech Specs
Raw MaterialCommercial Grade 6K Carbon Fiber
Weave5 Harness Satin Weave
Construction11 epi (+/- 1.0) x 11 ppi (+/- 1.0)
Weight11.1 oz/sq yd (+/- 0.5), 375 gsm (+/- 15)
Std Width 50 inches (+/- 0.5)
Edge TypeKevlar Leno @ Selvedge