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TotalBoat Thixo Pro 2:1 Epoxy System
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TotalBoat Thixo PRO 450ml Cartridge and Mixing Tips
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TotalBoat Thixo Pro 2:1 Epoxy System Customer Questions and Answers

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As one reviewer noted this product has a limited shelf life. I opened a new cartridge the other day that I purchased last fall. The product would not feed out of a new mixing tip. I was able to take off the tip and dispense the epoxy onto a board and mix it myself but it did not mix well. It seemed the epoxy part (not the hardener) had partially gone bad. Again this was a new unopened cartridge that was stored inside. What is the shelf life of this item?

Asked on 09/05/2018 by Al from Massachusetts

Top Answer

Shelf life should be over a year. If it was stored in cool temperatures under 50 degrees it could gel up. Try putting it in some warm water and see if that helps.

Answered on 09/25/2018 by JD Tech Team
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Epoxy is always best when fresh. I try to use mine within 6 months. Technically, some epoxies can be reconstituted by warming them up a bit. 115 or so. You can extend shelf life of epoxies by keeping them under refridgeration.Ideally, I try to order only what I need, and reorder when needed. Michael

Answered on 09/11/2018 by fiddlehead
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How long will a tip stay fluid?

Asked on 01/26/2018 by Craig in California from Los Angeles Harbor

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Yes, this gun can adapt for 1:1 or 2:1 sized chambers for this style tube, and will work.

Answered on 05/08/2018 by Anonymous
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Does this gun work with the SP Spabond 345 Epoxy Resin or can I get the sp gun to work with thixo pro 2:1?

Asked on 04/18/2015 by Dalton Bergan

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I tried using a similar gun and just made a mess. I would suggest you purchase the correct gun to get the correct application. Good luck!

Answered on 04/23/2015 by JIM BISBEE
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