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TotalBoat Seal Elastomeric Marine Sealant
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Reviews for TotalBoat Seal Elastomeric Marine Sealant

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November 23, 2021

By Piglet from Sacrament

Verified Purchase

This is the semi permanent caulk I've ever used

October 21, 2021

I will continue to buy these.
By Chuck from Lawson, MO

Verified Purchase

I used this TotalBoat Seal to afix my cover board on my center board trunk. I had used some sort of silicon previously and had some water splashing through in rough seas.I didn't want to use 5200 as I feared it would be too permanent. In truth, I haven't tried to remove the cover board and hope to not need to anytime soon but it applied nice and neat and somehow I didn't get it all over myself which is pretty much SOP with 5200, Ha!

September 5, 2021

Perfect for re sealing marine windows
By Kinny from Watergate marina

Verified Purchase

Set up time is very fast . Was starting to dry while setting my windo in

July 3, 2021

Excellent bond
By 1deepseadiver from Walnut Creek CA

Verified Purchase

I used this to re-bed the glass on an aluminum frame diamond sea glaze window. It bonded exceptionally to the frame and the glass.

May 21, 2021

Quality Product
By John from MA

Verified Purchase

Finally a product that bonds/seals Starboard material. Easily applied like any other sealant BUT plan accordingly and work quick as product sets up fast (can make cleanup more difficult for that "finished" look. Smooth your beads as you go for best results.

January 24, 2021

good seal and sets firm
By Jim from Gulf of Mex

Verified Purchase

It is easy to use, spreads out, and fills spaces openings around fasteners. it dries and sets up firm but gives time to make a seam smooth with a lite fingertip pull. A cauk gun tube goes father than expected so don't cut the tip off for too large an opening.

September 3, 2020

Great product
By Shine from Warren

Verified Purchase

I used it to seal a new transducer for my depth finder was just the right consistency dried overnight I've had nothing but good luck with Jamestown products

August 17, 2020

Easy to work with, good results.
By Alfred Poor from Chesapeake City, MD

Verified Purchase

We used this to create a seal between the teak toe rail and fiberglass deck on our Tartan 34C. In the past, we've had trouble with water getting under the film of the varnish coating resulting in large sections peeling off. We hope that this will prevent that in the future. We were working in 90+ weather and the caulk set so quickly that we were able to paint over in an hour or so.

June 30, 2020

Same product, less waist.
By Capt Jim from Wenatchee, WA

Verified Purchase

Originally I used this product to seal window frames on my house, then I used it when installing deck hardware on my sailboat. It does an excellent job of beding the hardware and assuring no water intrusion into the deck core. My most recent order was for the smaller tubes, so I have much less wastage when there is several months between usage.

June 24, 2020

Very Good
By T from Long Island NY

Verified Purchase

I have been using life caulk and life seal products for years, my most recent project was changing multiple through hulls below the water line,The price of boat life has left me looking for an alternative,so I read the reviews on the total boat sealant and gave it a shot.As with my other experiences with this brand I was not disappointed, the product behaved just as life seal,cleaned up easily and did what it was applied To do..If i was to make one comment and by no means negative but i find total boat as with life seal skims very quickly,still cleans up well but you got no time to dilly dally if you want a really clean edge without bathing in a solvent...overall i will be using this product moving foward,,cant beat the price and so far the performance is what i was hoping for...

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