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Product Details

Marinco EEL Y Adapters provide safe, easy shore power by letting you split one dockside receptacle between two boat inlets of similar or dissimilar power configurations.

Industry-first EEL (Easily Engaged Lock) jaw-clamp technology provides secure, watertight connections. The sealing collar creates a safe, weatherproof seal when joining cables together, and the durable, watertight molded plug and connector ends ensure your safety in wet conditions. In the dark, the built-in LED light lets you find a connection quickly.

Y Adapters are available in five different models to suit various amperage, voltage and male / female plug configurations. Please refer to the chart below to select the appropriate one for your boat. Pair with EEL cord sets and pigtail adapters where needed.

Tech Specs
Item Number Dock Side (Male Plug) - Attaches to dockside receptacle or cordset Boat Side (Female Connector) - Attaches to boat inlet or cordset
Y30230 30A 125V Locking Two 30A 125V Locking with Sealing Collar System
Y503230 50A 125V Locking Two 30A 125V Locking with Sealing Collar System
Y50423050A 125/250V LockingTwo 30A 125V Locking with Sealing Collar
Y504250350A 125/250V LockingTwo 50A 125V Locking with Sealing Collar System
Y504250450A 125/250V LockingTwo 50A 125/250V Locking with Sealing Collar System
Info & Guides

The EEL System Explained

Maintaining watertight, consistent shore power connections is critical for the integrity of your boat's electrical systems. Cord sets and plugs have traditionally depended on locking rings that can break or become cross threaded. Marinco's new patented EEL design ensures a watertight seal every time.

EEL stands for Easily Engaged Lock. It clamps down to lock plugs in place. Built in indicator lights show whether you are still plugged and whether power is flowing. EEL power cords work with all inlet brands for a universal fit.

Technical Information

How to Use the EEL System (on applicable models):

  • To open the jaw clamp, squeeze and hold the wings.
  • Insert the plug into the outlet.
  • Release the wings.
  • Twist the plug clockwise.
  • Press to engage the safety lock.

Cord features:

  • Constructed of heavy-duty, flexible, marine-grade cable (30A 10 gauge, 50A 6 gauge).
  • Nickel-plated contacts resist corrosion. Connects to any brand, NEMA-configured inlet and is UL approved.
  • A secondary lock ensures added security; when engaged, the jaws cannot release.