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Quantum Brushing Activator is the correct converter for Quantum 99 polyurethane topcoat and Quantum UV varnish when applying by brush or foam roller on wood and fiberglass/gelcoat surfaces.

Available in Pints and Quarts.

Info & Guides
VOC (Brushing Activator): 0.52 LBS/GAL
Mix Ratio (Brush/Roll): 2:1
Induction Period: Allow mixed material to stand for 30 minutes prior to reduction and application.
Reduction (Quantum99 Series Topcoats): Reduce up to 1 part or 33%, as needed, using Quantum Brushing Reducer.
Example: 8 oz. Quantum99 Topcoat Base, 4 oz. Quantum99 Urethane Brushing Activator, and 0 to 4 oz. Quantum Brushing Reducer.
Reduction (QuantumUV Urethane Varnish): Though not normally required, a 10-30% reduction with Quantum Brushing Reducer may help to achieve desired results.
Example: 8 oz. QuantumUV Urethane Varnish, 4 oz. Quantum99 Urethane Brushing Activator, and 1 to 4 oz. Quantum Brushing Reducer, as desired.

Note: See Quantum99 Topcoat and QuantumUV Clear Urethane Varnish How To guides (at left) for complete mixing and application instructions.

Reviews for Quantum 99 Brushing Activator

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June 26, 2019

By GB from Denver, CO

Verified Purchase

This was the worst varnish I have ever tried to brush. I did everything by the instructions and it says "self leveling" Not a chance... Will not use this ever again.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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September 5, 2016

An excellent ultra high gloss coating.
By Luis from Vermilion, OH

Verified Purchase

Looks great! Easy to use with foam brush. It is a thin coating so watch for runs. Be sure your wood is truly well-prepared or you may get areas where coating does not adhere properly.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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