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Product Details

Quantum Spray Activator is the converter for Quantum 99 topcoats and Quantum UV clear urethane varnish when spraying on wood or fiberglass surfaces.

Available in quarts and gallons.

Info & Guides
VOC (Spray Activator): 1.54 LBS/GAL
Mix Ratio (Spray): 1:1
Induction Period: Allow mixed material to stand for 5-30 minutes prior to reduction and application.
Reduction (Quantum99 Series Topcoats and QuantumUV Clear Urethane Varnish): Though not normally required, a 10% reduction by volume of the admixed paint or varnish with Quantum99 Urethane Spray Reducer or Quantum Cold Weather/Fast Reducer may be used for proper application, film thickness control, and a smooth film appearance.
Note: See Quantum99 Topcoat and QuantumUV Clear Urethane Varnish How To guides (at left) for complete mixing and applications instructions.