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Quantum UV Clear Urethane Varnish

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Quantum UV High Gloss Varnish
Quantum UV satin varnish
Quantum UV Varnished Exterior

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Product Details

Quantum UV Clear Urethane Varnish's self-sealing formula and rich, amber color gives brightwork a level, mirror-like finish with no lap lines or brush marks without thinning, in fewer coats, and with little or no sanding in between coats.

This high build, high solids finish fills the grain in three to four coats, letting you easily achieve what used to take twice as many coats: a glassy, flexible finish that's highly resistant to weather, chemicals, and abrasion. Its unique properties create durable chemical bond that pushes water out of the wood.

To apply by spray, mix with Quantum Urethane Spray Activator (sold separately); to apply by brush or roller, mix with Quantum Urethane Brushing Activator (sold separately).

Available in satin and gloss finishes in quart and gallon sizes.

Tech Specs
Product Finish Options: Quantum UV Clear Gloss Base or Quantum UV Clear Satin Base
Spray Activator: Quantum 99 Urethane Spray Activator
Mix Ratio Spray: 1:1
Brush/Roll Activator: Quantum Urethane Brushing Activator
Mix Ratio Brush/Roll: 2:1
Induction Time (Spray): 5 minutes
Induction Time (Brush/Roll): 30 minutes
Reducers: Quantum 99 Urethane Spray Reducer; Quantum Brushing Reducer
Fast Cure Option to Apply 3 Coats in 1 Hour: Quantum 99 Urethane Accelerator
Other Optional Additives: Quantum Flattening Paste, Quantum Anti-Skid Additive (Fine or Coarse)
Surface Prep Product: Quantum Surface Prep Cleaner
Info & Guides

What Makes QuantumUV Varnish Superior?

Typical two-part, low VOC urethane varnishes are unable to withstand the toughest challenges for marine teak, mahogany, spruce and other common timbers. They also require application of several coats, with longer cure times and sanding in between coats, to achieve a high-gloss finish.

Quantum has succeeded in creating a low VOC, high solids urethane varnish for marine use that's long lasting, flexible, and highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Its unique blend of UV stabilizers and light absorbers dissipate the sun's damaging UV rays while its antioxidant component disperses heat, preventing it from causing the varnish film to deteriorate prematurely. Because QuantumUV is self-leveling, little or no sanding is required between coats.

What makes QuantumUV better than other varnishes on the market is the same innovative resin structure that makes Quantum99 Topcoat products a better yacht coating. It combines the best attributes of polyester polyurethanes with the best attributes of acrylic polyurethanes to give you exceptional abrasion resistance and repairability--during application, and throughout its service life.

Note: Application of these product systems requires recommended temperature/humidity conditions and film thickness ranges. The material, hangar, and substrate temperature should be no lower than 45°F before, during, and after application. Do not apply paint materials to surfaces less than 5°F above the dew point, or to surfaces warmer than 125°F. Substrate temperature should be minimum 45°F to maximum 125°F. See Quantum Reducer Chart for details.

QuantumUV Application Note: For brush application, it is recommended that, when applying the first coat of QuantumUV Varnish, you first mix in one part of Quantum Brushing Reducer to achieve appropriate seal into the grain. After the first coat, you may reduce up to one part, but will likely not need that much. Refer to the QuantumUV Varnish How To guide (at left) for detailed mixing and application instructions.

Technical Information

Quantum<sup>UV</sup> Clear Urethane Varnish Advantages:

  • Low VOCs (Admixed): <335 G/L
  • Long-lasting, highly abrasion resistant
  • High solids = high build in fewer coats, typically less than 4
  • Fast cure option with Quantum99 Urethane Accelerator allows up to 3 coats in one hour
  • Excellent repairability for a perfect finish with every application
  • Aerospace-grade flexibility, chemical, and weather resistance
  • Easy to apply by spray or brush application
  • Excellent pot life

<b>Physical Properties:</b>

  • Appearance: Gloss or Satin
  • Gloss: >92 @ 60°
  • Satin Gloss: 20-40 @ 60°
  • Volume Solids (Admixed): 60 +/- 2%
  • Pot Life: 4 Hours @ 72°F
  • Dry To Tape*: 8 Hours @72°F, 50% relative humidity
  • Dry to Recoat*: 45 Minutes @ 72°F, 50% relative humidity
  • Note*: Dry times can be accelerated with Quantum99 Urethane Accelerator. Do not exceed 1 oz. accelerator/mixed gallon.
  • Coverage @ 1 Mil (No Loss): 960 FT2/GAL
  • Coverage @ 3 Mils (No Loss): 320 FT2/GAL
  • Shelf Life: Two years from date of manufacture

Reviews for Quantum UV Clear Urethane Varnish

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January 24, 2020

Great quality finish but hard to apply by brush
By Always trying from Cape Cod

Verified Purchase

Very difficult to apply by brush without sags and runs on vertical surfaces. This was my first experience with this product and I would apply it very thinly in the future. I used all the tricks I knew to prevent these problems but was not successful. The surface has small pinhead bubbles, also in spite of all the usual tricks.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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December 11, 2017

I've been using Quantum UB Gloss for the last couple of year
By Luis from OH

Verified Purchase

It is easy to apply and is truly self-leveling on horizontal surfaces and has a wonderful final appearance. The key is to know the condition of your wood. If new, it should work fine on clean wood (use their prep cleaner). If old wood, try to get as close to "bare" wood as you can, but to ensure a good finish, coat your old wood with a thin, penetrating epoxy or a clar epoxy before coating with Quantum UV. I am quite happy with the results and ease of repairing damaged spots. Far easier to apply than varnish and adheres better along edges than Cetol. Try it! You'll like it!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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March 3, 2015

Works great. Very easy to work with.
By Steve the boat guy from Atlanta, GA

Brushes out great. Looked likes I sprayed it on. Touch ups disappeared. I really like this stuff.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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