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AwlGrip Awlwood MA Brush and Spray Reducers are specially formulated to improve flow and application of the Awlwood MA clear gloss system.

For spray application, Spray Reducer T0202 decreases the viscosity of Awlwood MA in colder conditions. For brush application, in windy or hot conditions, Brushing Reducer T0201 helps extend the wet edge of Awlwood MA.

In addition to their use as reducers, both of these products can be used as flushing solvents and cleaners. Please review the Cleaner & Reducers Data Sheet for usage details.

Available in one-quart containers. *** FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY ***

Tech Specs
Awlwood MA Primers, Finish, and Reducers
Part # Description Size VOC (Mixed & Unreduced) Reducers
AWL-J3809QClear PrimerQuart500 g/l (4.17 lb/gal)Brush: T0201 Spray: T0202
AWL-J7809QRed PrimerQuart500 g/l (4.17 lb/gal)Brush: T0201 Spray: T0202
AWL-J9809QYellow PrimerQuart500 g/l (4.17 lb/gal)Brush: T0201 Spray: T0202
AWL-J3890QGloss FinishQuart490 g/l (4.01 lb/gal)Brush: T0201 Spray: T0202
AWL-J3890GGloss FinishGallon490 g/l (4.01 lb/gal)Brush: T0201 Spray: T0202
Info & Guides
Note: Awlwood MA Spray Reducer (T0202) and Awlwood MA Brushing Reducer (T0201) have been formulated specifically for use with Awlwood MA products and should not be used with or added into any other Awlgrip branded products.

Technical Information

<b>Recommended Thinning</b>

  • Brushing: Up to 10% by volume with T0201 Brushing Reducer, if necessary
  • Spray: Up to 10% by volume with T0202 Spray Reducer

Reviews for AwlGrip Awlwood MA Reducers

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September 17, 2018

By Ronbo from Glen Cove NY

Verified Purchase

The Awlwood system consisting of a Primer and Clear Topcoat provides a spectacular finish for teak caprails. Superior to Cetol or Varnish in revealing the true color of the grain.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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