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TotalBoat 2 Part Epoxy Primers
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Reviews for TotalBoat 2 Part Epoxy Primers

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June 16, 2021

Great Product
By David from Atlanta

Verified Purchase

I am a first timer restoring an old family boat. After much patching and fairing, I used the 2 part hi-build primer which worked great. Thinking I would use the TotalBoat Topcoat I went over that primer with the 1 part TotalBoat primer. Then I found out that TotalBoat doesn't mix custom colors and decided to use Alexseal 2 part topcoat. Even though the 1 part primer says "compatible with 1 and 2 part topcoats" I found out it comes off when you put the Alexseal over it. I had to sand off ALL of that 1 part primer and go with the 2 part TotalBoat primer that I am reviewing here. I love this primer because it is easy to roll and sands to glass smooth finish with a 320 grit. I have tried to rub it off with every solvent I can find and it doesn't go anywhere. I highly recommend this primer but have to warn against the 1 part TotalBoat primer.

January 11, 2021

high quality high build
By Nate from Canton, CT

Verified Purchase

I reduced and sprayed with a gun with a 2.0 tip and got desirable results. Put one coat on some areas and three on others. Waited until next day to sand, Started with 120 on a large fairing board. Sanded well. Two quart kit marginally enough to do 12 ' hull.

June 8, 2020

Almost impossible to mess up
By Max from South jersey

Verified Purchase

Used as a sealer on transom after fairing and primer filler sprayed 3 coats an hour and a half apart blocked with 400 the next day and sprayed with awlgrip 2000 looks beautiful

November 12, 2019

Leaves a fine finish.
By Mike from Bennington, VT

Verified Purchase

I use the high build primer on a regular basis. The trick that works for us is to roll on a thin tack coat and then come back a few min later with the build coat. Sands reallly well. It can be tough to mix. Home Depot sells a small paddle wheel mixer in the drywall department that works great. I cut the mixer's shaft down a little bit to make it easier to handle.

November 1, 2019

Shipped with incorrect thinner
By Jerry from Charlotte, NC

Verified Purchase

I've yet to use the primer but had the local Lowe's shake the can before opening it to help alleviate mixing concerns. BIG Caution - be sure you read and select the correct thinner; the package came all neatly bundled but included the WRONG THINNER. Customer service sent me the correct quart aptly named "2-Part Epoxy Primer Reducer" The 5 star rating is presently for the great customer service/tech advisor's response.

January 20, 2019

Great Stuff - Tough as Iron!
By Paul R from Red Bank

Verified Purchase

Used two 1 quart kits to prime the outside hull of my 1955 Layman runabout. I sed the "High Build" primer on the topsides - the kit gave me two coats and the surfacing primer on the underwater part of the hull - the kit gave me enough for a single coat. I chose the "High Build" where the hull would be seen. Lots of sanding and filler made for a fairly smooth surface. The wood in the underwater part of the hull was in better condition - it had a lot more paint on it than the topsides. The surfacing primer filled the smaller nicks and left a glossy surface, which I will have to cut prior to painting in the spring. One thing about both primers. Once they cured, they were hard as nails. The small drips of the "High Build", which I had applied while the hull was rightsize up, were really tough to remove. I can't imagine what this stuff is going to be like come springtime. TotalBoat products is all that I will use on this renovation. Next spring, the two part wet edge topside paint.

January 6, 2019

Great Stuff - Tough as Nails!
By Paul R from Red Bank, NJ

Finished stripping and priming the hull of my '55 Lyman runabout. I used the TotalBoat 2 part "High Build" primer on the topsides and the TotalBoat 2 part "surfacing" primer on the underwater section of the hull. The entire hull was faired with TotalBoat fairing compound before hand. As you can see from the attached picture, the topsides had an off white color while the bottom was bright white. No big deal since I will finish with a urethane paint in the spring. Both primers were fairly easy to apply but required thinning often to allow easy flowability. Sanding of the "High Build" primer was tough! The primer had cured for a few weeks and let me tell you, 80 grit paper didn't make a dent in it. The project was well worth the time and effort. The hull belies the fact that it is over 60 years old.

December 30, 2018

Tough Stuff!!!
By Paul R from Red Bank

This is an addendum to my previous comment about the application of the high-build primer to the topsides of my vintage Lyman runabout. I have finished scraping the bottom of the flipped hull. While scraping the edges of the strakes, I found that the primer that had been painted on the edge of the last strake was near impossible to remove. It appeared to be unaffected by heat from a heat gun, scraping with an "All Purpose" tool and even scraping with a carbide blade scraper. This stuff is like iron (maybe better)!!! Next step, priming the bottom of the hull. This time I'm gonna use the surfacing primer. We shall see!.

November 30, 2018

Great Stuff!!!
By Paul R. from New Jersey

Verified Purchase

After watching Lou S on "Tips from a Shipright" using the Total Boat 2 part epoxy primer, I tried it on the topside hull of a 15ft Lyman runabout that I am restoring. Out of the can, the 2 parts are very stiff and there is a lot of "Solids" on the bottom of the cans. As Lou had recommended, I used a 1x1 to stir-up the solids - the flimsy paint stirrers would have broken. Took my time and insured that both liquids were well stirred and then stirred some more when I combined them. After waiting the requisite 30 minute "Induction" period, stirred in just a little 2 part epoxy thinner and then applied using a 2" chip brush. The coating went on easy and covered well. It cured overnight and I then saved down with 150 grit paper by hand. Also, I prepared the hull surface by hand sanding with 120 grit paper. I used Total Boat epoxy fairing compound to fill the dings and divets. then applied a second coat of primer. I am very happy with the results and the quart kit (actually 1 quart each of the base and hardener was more than enough for the unwetted portion of the runabout's hull (from the gunnel down 5 strakes). I will need another "Quart" kit when I flip the hull and do the bottom. But, I intend to treat the entire bottom with Total Boat penetrating epoxy first. So, I should not need more that the "Quart" kit. Again great stuff!!

May 24, 2018

The best fiberglass product ever.
By Howard from Brielle, N.J.

Verified Purchase

Covers my wood boat better than any other product. Easy on, smooth and dries hard. After mixing let it sit for 30 min. then brush on with a foam brush. Just wish it came in white.

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