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Get longer lasting, proven protection above or below the waterline with Interlux InterProtect HS high solids, low-VOC, 2-part epoxy primer system. Versatile enough for use on all substrates in a variety of situations, apply it to fiberglass hulls as a barrier to repair or prevent gelcoat blistering. On metal hulls and other underwater metals, it creates a protective shield against corrosion. InterProtect HS also has quick dry and consistent overcoat times so it's ideal for use as a no-sand primer on new or unpainted fiberglass hulls.

Its high solids content yields a high-build coating that is not only durable, but cost-effective because fewer coats are needed to achieve the recommended dry film thickness, and its low VOC content complies with the most restrictive VOC regulations.

Available in a Gallon kit that includes Gray primer base and converter.

Tech Specs
Kit Contents: Gray Primer Base (YPA420) and Converter (YPA422)
Finish: Satin
Spray Application: Apply by airless spray ONLY. Airless spray pressure: 3000 psi; tip size: 24 thou. (.61mm)
Brush Application: Use a natural bristle brush.
Roller Application: For best results, use a Linzer Pro Edge™ Microfiber Roller Cover with a 1/4" or 3/8" nap. A 1/4" nap gives a smoother finish, but extra coats will be needed to achieve the 7 mils DFT.
VOC: 289 G/L
Volume Solids: 66%
Application Temperature: 41-95°F (5-35°C)
Mix Ratio: 2:1
Induction Time: InterProtect HS does not require an induction time.
Thinner: Interlux 2316N (Spray) or Interlux 2333N (Brush/Roll)
Clean-Up: Interlux 2316N
Substrates: Fiberglass, Aluminum, Steel, Lead, Bronze, and Cast Iron
Barrier Protection - Below the Waterline151 FT 2 /GAL yields 7 mils DFT at 10 mils WFT
Barrier Protection - Above the Waterline211 FT 2 /GAL yields 5 mils DFT at 8 mils WFT
No-Sand System (NOT a Barrier System)447 FT 2 /GAL yields 2.4 mils DFT at 3.6 mils WFT
Info & Guides
How Does the Interlux InterProtect® System Work?

Interlux's InterProtect family of products, InterProtect 2000E and InterProtect HS, provide excellent adhesion and innovative Micro-Plate® Technology, composed of millions of microscopic plates that overlap each other (similar to roof shingles) to provide a waterproof barrier to prevent gelcoat blistering. For information on choosing the InterProtect system right for your application, please click on the link "Protect Against Gelcoat Blisters with the Interlux InterProtect® System" at left.

What is Gelcoat Blistering?

Osmosis is caused by a chemical reaction between water and unreacted substances remaining in the manufactured hull. Water breaches the exterior gelcoat and reacts with the chemical components creating acidic substances. These substances create pressure behind the gelcoat which causes blisters and eventually cracking. Once the gelcoat layer is breached, the underlying laminate is capable of absorbing water like a sponge.

Use the Interlux InterProtect system to treat and help prevent this serious problem.

This formula helps you calculate how much primer is necessary for wetted surface area (i.e., under antifoulant paint). Calculate surface area as follows: Wetted Surface Area (WSA) = LOA x Beam x 0.85, then divide the WSA by 151 to achieve 7 mils DFT (barrier protection below the waterline), 211 to achieve 5 mils DFT (barrier protection above the waterline), or 447 to achieve 2.4 DFT (when used as a no-sand primer) to determine the number of gallons needed. For complete hull coverage calculate total surface area to be covered, then follow the division step.

Technical Information


  • Creates either a high-build barrier coating on all substrates above and below the waterline, or is ideal for use as a high-build, no-sand primer to fill minor cracks and crazing above the waterline.
  • High solids content creates a full barrier in fewer coats, resulting in reduced material and labor costs.
  • Low VOC content helps ensure VOC compliance and reduces environmental impact.
  • Provides corrosion protection when used to prime all underwater metals, including the lower units of outboards and outdrives, props, shafts, keels, trim tabs, and thru-hulls.
  • Fast drying, easy application.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -