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Choose from a large selection of chisels and gouges from Stanley, Buck Brothers, and Two Cherries. Buck Brothers Firmer Chisels and Gouges have been around for ages, and many fine woodworkers wouldn't trust another brand. Stanley is another trusted brand. All of their chisels are professional grade. The Two Cherries chisel set is made of the highest quality German steel and lasts forever. A highly recommended set of six chisels to make every woodworker's tool set complete.

Firmer chisels are all purpose and also called forming chisels. They feature a rectangle cross section, thin blade, beveled edges, a cap to tolerate mallet blows, and are primarily used in woodworking applications. Firmer chisels are used to remove fairly large pieces of waste and because the blade is thicker it can withstand rough treatment, but not hitting with a male.

A Firmer Gouge is a type of chisel, but it is used mainly for cutting shallow curved grooves and indentations, general wood removal from concave surfaces. Firmer gouges are larger and stronger than conventional carving gouges. They are stong and appropriate for heavy stock removal, most often used with a mallet.

Stanley Professional Wood chisels are 900-series Stanley tools available in multiple sizes. Blades are heat treated, beveled and polished. Width identification on handle for quick selection. Chisel Blade is forged from high-quality, cutlery grade steel. Extra-long, shatter-resistant handle provides better control and comfort during use. Heavy-duty strike caps are crowned for centering blows and durability.

We also offer complete wood chisel sets from both Stanley (900 series, 3 or 6 piece as well as 150 series 3 piece set) and Two Cherries 6 piece chisel sets.