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Fein Abrasives

These abrasives are specifically designed for use with Fein power sanding tools, including Fein rotary and random orbit sander, Fein Multimasters etc.

Fein Standard Pad- Sheets for standard triangle sanding pad. Contains 50 sheets per box. 40,80,100,120,150,180 and grit no-hole sheets in standard configuration, as well as assortment packs available. Hook and loop attachment for most, PSA backing available in some grits.

Fein MultiMaster Dustless Abrasives -Designed with the Fein Hole pattern for Dustless Sanding. Hook & Loop Sanding Sheets for standard triangle sanding pad. Contains 50 sheets per box. For use with Dust Extraction Kit. 80,100,and 150 grit.

Fein Sanding finger is long and slender to work best in challenging areas like creases, folds etc. These are hook and loop (aka Velcro) backed, and can be used on nearly any surface. Metal, fiberglass, plastic, paint, filler etc. Bend to suit work area. 40,80,120,220 grit.

Fein Random orbit and Rotary sander abrasives are available in Cloth backed and A-Weight. Cloth backed abrasives are high performance sanding cloth best suited for sanding metal, solder, joint, and welds. A-Weight is best for sanding paints and solid surface materials. Available in 6" inch or 8" inch diameter sizes.

Fein Half Sheets are to be used with Fein's half sheet sander. Perfect for sanding medium to large, flat surfaces. We offer Heavy Duty and Finish sanding Half Sheets. Heavy duty is best suited for sanding wood, paint, plastic & metal. Finish sanding sheets are A-weight aluminum oxide abrasives for wood or finish sanding, synthetic-resin bonded.

We have various replacement accessories for the Fein half sheet sander systems including dust extraction hose adaptors and hook and loop elements.