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Safety & Work Gloves

The workshop, garage, boatyard, or even your household can be a dangerous place for your hands. Caustic and other hazardous chemicals, sharp edges, cold and hot temperatures, flames, sparks, heavy objects, metals etc pose hazards to your hands. We carry a variety of safety gloves and work gloves to keep your hands and skin safe.

Natural Rubber gloves are made of a special rubber compound that offer premium resistance to heat, age, acid, soap, and punctures. These are flock lined rubber gloves with a rolled cuff, sold 12 pairs to a pack.

Ansel gloves are made of flock-lined heavy latex with a cotton flock lining. Ansel gloves provides good grip when wet.

Atlas gloves make great all-purpose general work gloves. These cotton/polyester knit gloves have a rubberized palm for excellent grip and a knit wrist for comfort.

Welder's gloves are made of leather, and are great for welding, shrink wrapping, and other situations where torches or other sources of high intensity heat are found.

As you can see, work gloves are made with different materials, patterns, sizes, and cuffs. Not sure what type of work/safety gloves works best for you? Cotton work gloves are used for everyday tasks and usually are the best for protecting the worker's hands from dirt. Forget about anything more serious than protection from dirt, as even double palm cotton work gloves offer only marginal protection from low heat. Knit gloves are generally more comfortable than canvas gloves and work well as all-purpose lightweight glove. For protection from rough objects, sparks, heat and for cushioning from blows in heavy duty work, the best solution are leather work gloves, which provide comfort, durability, dexterity, mild heat resistance and abrasion protection. Leather gloves are the safety choice for many, many industrial applications.