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When selecting a hammer, mallet, or other striking tool, think about what you are going to be using the tool for.

Framing hammers are larger than finishing hammers, with hammer head weights of 20 to 32 ounces. Other distinguishing features of framing hammers, also called Rip hammers, include heavy heads, longer handles, and milled faces. This allows large nails to be driven quickly.

Ball Pein hammers are used for shaping softer metals, riveting jobs, and center punching.

Scaling hammers are also called chipping hammers, and are used to remove paint or other finishings from metal surfaces. Scaling hammers are also used to removed slag deposits from welds, as well as rust and scale.

Hand Drilling hammers are used to drill steel into rock, to drive wedges or feathers into cracks or holes, to drive masonry nails, steel chisels and masonry drills. They feature two rounded striking faces. Beveled edges reduce the risk of chipping. We carry single jack hand drilling hammers in several head weights.

Nail or Claw hammers, are the most popular hammers. Common nail hammers have curved claws and are great for all-around general carpentry use. The standard, they feature a metal head, with a striking surface, and on the other end a curved or notch claw used to pull nails. Claw hammer head weights vary somewhat, but are usually around 16 ounces (1 pound). The 20 ounce models work very well for driving long nails into soft wood.

A Tack hammer is usually fairly light, with wooden handles.Mostly used for driving brads, small nails, and tacks (often in upholstery jobs, too). Most have magnetic heads to hold fasteners. Look for a forged head as a sign of quality.

Hickory Mallets are used to drive pins and chisels. Perfect for cabinet work. End Nippers are also called end or nail cutters, and they exactly what you might expect. They cut nails and heavy gauge wire. A curve in the cutting blade allows greater nipping power. We also carry pry bars, center punches, and nail sets. Everything you need for your nailing project!