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Saws, Knives, Cutters/Shears


Hole saws are used for cutting smooth holes in wood, plastic, and metals like aluminum, brass, cast iron, copper, and stainless steel. With an adapter, a hole saw attaches to both air and electric drills, boring mills, lathes, and drill presses. Made of molybdenum, available in various diameters.

Hand saws are used for cutting wood, cutting either against the grain (crosscut, usually done at a 45 degree angle), or with the grain (rip cuts, usually done at a 60 degree angle). While 'handsaw' usually refers to an all-purpose wood crosscut saw, we have many different types of hand-operated saws to fit different cutting needs. A coping saw provides the flexibility needed for detailed work or tight curves.

Hack saws are handsaws with a narrow blade stretched in an iron frame, for cutting metal. Hacksaws are also great for cutting through plaster, fiberglass, wood, wire, cable, chain and others. All hacksaws feature easily removable and replaceable blades. For working in a challenging marine environment, we also have hack saws that feature polymer coated steel to prevent rust as well as mini hacksaws for cutting in tight areas.

A Brass back Gents saw looks almost like a butcher knife! It features very small fine teeth, making it perfect for light or intricate bench work.

Undercut saws are also called Jamb saws. They feature a trapezoid shaped steel blade with 10 point teeth on both sides. Often used to undercut door jambs and other areas where too-tight fits occur. Having two sides to the blade allows the under cut saw to cut both left and right.

Japanese pull saws or pull saws. Modern interpretation of traditional Japanese Ryoba saws. Since these saws cut on the pull stroke, they have much thinner blades and remove less lumber than push saws. Our carpenter and dovetail saws have flexible, thin blades for clean and smooth cuts on dowels, bungs and dovetails. Great for flush-cutting.

We carry replacement blades for Band saws, circular saws, jig saws, bosch saws, sawzalls and reciprocating saws. Choose from Ruff-neck demolition blades, metal scrolling blades, abrasive cutting blades, wood cutting blades, bayonet machine blades, jig sabre blades, jig saw blades and others.


We specialize in rigging knives, rigging knives with shackles, marlin spikes and other blades, from makers like ABI and Wichard. Rigging knives are designed to help when working with lines and other rigging. If you choose a folding blade knife, be sure it locks in place. Top quality knives will have shackle breakers and a marlin spike. Of course, there are times when a simple utility knife is needed. We carry swivel-lock fixed blade utility knives, snap-off cartridge knives, pocket knives, retractable and retractable locking knives and other types in many models to fit your budget and needs.

To keep your cutting tools sharp, we recommend keeping a good tool sharpening system. We offer comprehensive sharpening kits, as well as individual stones. Waterstones are for sharpening plane blades and chisels. Mostly artificial stones. Water lubricates during sharpening, hence the name. Japanese origins. Oilstones use oil to lubricate during sharpening.

Cutters, Scissors, Shears

Bolt cutters to cut even the strongest bolt or chain. Wire Cutters (aka cable cutter) from Felco, for cutting stainless steel and galvanized cable. Rope cutting guns for cutting heavy braided rope. Cutting composite materials like kevlar, carbon fiber, dynel etc requires something heavy, not just scissors liberated from a sewing basket. We carry Wiss Fiberglass cutting shears and Wiss Heavy Bent trimmer shears, Lightweight Stainless steel scissors (tons of utility at minimal cost), Kevlar Cutting Shears are heavy duty for Kevlar, Carbon, and other difficult materials. Electric cordless powered cutters are serious tools for fiberglass and other composites when large quantities or heavy layers of composites must be cut.