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Wood Planes

A plane is a tool used to shape wood. Planes are used to flatten, reduce the thickness of, and impart a smooth surface to a rough piece of lumber. Special types of planes are designed to cut joints or decorative mouldings. Hand planes are generally the combination of a cutting edge, such as a sharpened metal plate, attached to a firm body, that when moved over a wood surface, take up relatively uniform shavings, by nature of the body riding on the 'high spots' in the wood, and also by providing a relatively constant angle to the cutting edge, render the planed surface very smooth. A cutter which extends below the bottom surface, or sole, of the plane slices off shavings of wood.

A large, flat sole on a plane guides the cutter to remove only the highest parts of an imperfect surface, until, after several passes, the surface is flat and smooth. Although most planes are pushed across a piece of wood, holding it with one or both hands, Japanese planes are pulled toward the body, whereas regular wood planes are opreated by pushing away from the operator.

We carry a wide variety of planes from Stanley Tools, including bench planes, rabbet planes and block planes. Since 1869 the Stanley Plane has been the favorite plane of carpenters. Rigid tests and inspection maintain the highest standards possible. Blades are ground for sharp and long lasting cutting

The Stanley 1220N Adjustable block wood plane cutter is adjustable endwise and sideways and rests on its seat at a 21 angle. Bottom and sides are milled and ground. Length 7 (180mm), cutter width 1-5/8 (40mm).

The Stanley Professional Block plane is available in standard 21-degre cutter angle, or in a low angle version with a cutter agle of 13 degrees. Both have adjustable mouths for fine or coarse work. Cutter is adjustable with a knurled screw. Also called Bailey Planes.

The Stanley Bailey No 4 Bench plane features a cast iron bottom ground perfectly flat. The Bailey Bench plane was chosen in the JUne 2005 issue of Fine Woodworking as a Best Value.

Stanley's Bullnose Rabbet plane has 2 cutter positiongs. The Rear position for regular work and the forward position for bull-nose work. Rear cutter allows exact depth adjustment ability. The bullnose rabbet plane has a spur for working across wood grain, removable depth gauge, and an adjustable fence that fits on both sides of the plane. Where regular planes dpeend on fingertips for power, the Rabbet planes have a full handle for significantly more cutting power and leverage.

The Stanley Surform Pocket Plane is a one handed tool great for end-grain wood work, sheetrocking, and smooth edges of laminates. Has thumb screw blade tension for quick and simple blade replacement.

A Spoke Shave is designed for planing convex and concave wood surfaces, such as chair legs, seats etc. Ergonomic shape and easy to adjust or replace blade makes stanley spoke shaves easy to use.

The Surform shaver tool is made of lightweight polyproylene with a curved blade that increases material removal, side teeth to make corner shaving more efficient, and simple blade replacement.

The Surform Plane too has a die-cast alloy body ith a high impact polymer handle. This plane is tough enough to use on things that would a traditional wood bench plane blade!