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Random Orbital sanders

A recent development is the random orbit sander. Like conventional sanders, it moves in a small circular motion. The distinguishing characteristic of a random orbit one is an offset drive bearing that causes the round sanding pad to move in an elliptical orbit as well. The combination of movements produces a random motion to the sanding pad (hence its name), which reduces the risk of scratching against the (grain of a wood) surface. This means that the sander can literally be operated in any direction on wood--with the grain, diagonally to the grain, and even against the grain--without scratching. Random orbit sanders are not foolproof, however, and the only way to ensure a scratch-free result on a project is to begin with a coarse grit and use successively finer grits until finished. We carry random orbit sanders from Fein, Festool, DeWalt, and Nikota.

Rotary Sanders

Rotary sanders pack the most cutting and polishing power of any power sander. Ideal for dustless sanding or polishing of large areas. We carry rotary sanders from Fein.

Eccentric Sanders

Festool eccentric sanders feature a sanding pad that both rotates and revolves around its own axis as the center of the pad is not centered with the drive. The effect greatly reduces the risk of scratching. These sanders also boast comprehensive dust extraction systems as well as low noise emissions.

Gear Driven Orbital Sanders

Festool gear-driven sanders are designed for strong abrasion through reduction gearing. This means that they are ideal for stripping off old, thick, and stubborn coatings. Festool gear-drive sanders are both powerful and economical to run. The DX 93 E gives excellent and complete abrasion in corners.