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Sandpaper Sheets

9" x 11" is the standard sandpaper sheet size, but 5.5" x 9" half sheets are also available. When you hear the word 'sandpaper', chances are that unless you are a veteran boat builder or woodworker, what you envision are regular 9 by 11 sheets. These coated abrasive sheets can vary widely in sanding grit, backing, bonds, materials, and shapes. Sandpaper may be backed with either paper, cloth or a polyester film. The grit of sandpaper sheets refers to the size of the abrasive particles embedded in the sheet. Grits can be made of flint, garnet, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, alumina-zirconia, or emery. Our sandpaper sheets are available in 60 to 2000 grit. Extra coarse sheets are designed for very fast removal of material. Coarse sheets are for fast material removal, medium and fine sandpaper is for sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing, and very fine is for final sanding of bare wood. Some very fine sandpaper (microgrit types) are good for between-coat sanding. Super and ultra fine sandpaper is for final sanding of finishes.

Jamestown Distributors carries standard 9 in. x11 in. sandpaper sheets from 3m and Norton Abrasives. Our 3m line of sheets consists of 216u Gold, WetOrDry, 414N Tri-M-ite, Production, and 401Q WetorDry half sheets (5.5" x 9"). We offer Norton sanding sheets in the No-Fil Champagne and Adalox lines (both in standard 9x11).