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Wet/Dry Vacuums, Shop Vacs

Shop Vacs by Fein and Festool. Each are designed and equiped to be used in conjunction with its own brand of power tools, to combine for ideal dust collection and workshop effeciency. Auto-start capabilities. The best Shop Vacs on the Market!

Fein Turbo 4 Dust Extractor is designed for heavy duty and continous use. This dust extractor is quiet at only 57.8 decibels (at 3.5 feet), features an automatic on-off switch that operates in conjunction with power sanders attached. This vac features a stainless steel canister. Two stage motor means efficient cooling even if hose is blocked.

Fein Turbo 3 Vacuum -Features auto start, and is basically a larger and more powerful version of the popular Fein Turbo II vacuum. Holds 14.5 gallons of solid material. Accepts power tools of 40 to 2000 watts. Same quiet operation all other Fein Turbo wet/dry vacuums.

Fein Turbo 2 Wet/Dry Vac -One of the premier shop vacuums, this wet/dry vac has an input for power tools, which creates a dust extraction system. Features automatic on/off, engaged by the power tool so vac operates during tool use only if desired.

Fein Mini Turbo portable wet/dry vac. This quiet and lightweight shop vac offers a ton of utility! Includes hose, two hose extenders, an elbow adapter, wide floor nozzle with separate attachments for carpet and wet floors, creivce tool, upholstery tool and dust bag. Great for detailing and working in smaller areas.

Festool Dust Extraction Shop Vacuums

A new generation of mobile dust extractors that can do more than just clean. Innovative design and versatility are only two of the characteristics of the new Cleantec (CT) mobile dust extractors. Offered in three different sizes, the CT units are compact and mobile, with sturdy chassis, extra large wheels, and double castors to easily negotiate obstacles in the shop or on the work site.