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Jamestown Distributors is an industry leader in marine and building supplies. We're a family-run business based in Bristol, RI - a town with a rich boat building tradition - and have been supplying and assisting boaters for over 30 years. In our 40,000 square foot warehouse we've got everything you need to maintain, restore and even build your own craft. The most important thing you'll find, however, is our team of boat lovers who really know their stuff.

We've got customers all over the world, so we've gone out of our way to put our knowledge online. In fact, we've built a bigger library of how-to documents and online tutorials than anyone in the world. Period. And if you need more help we're just a phone call (or email or live chat or even FaceTime) away. Because the more you know, the better off we all are.

Thanks for visiting our website. We're proud to be here, and proud to call you one of our customers.
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