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Procedures for Refurbishing Teak Decking - Teak Decking Systems

  1. Repairing/Replacing Damaged Boards

    1. To repair a small crack in a teak batten, use a razor blade knife to clean and fill the crack with 1:1 TDS Epoxy.
    2. To repair a large crack or chip, router out the damaged area and insert a piece of teak (Dutchman). Fasten with 1:1 TDS Epoxy.

  2. Reseaming

    Note: Under no circumstances should moisture or water be let into the seams during this process.
    If the caulking is low or not adhering to the side of the deckplank, reef out the old caulk. The caulk can be removed in any of the following methods:

    1. Using a razor knife, cut the sides of the caulk and dig out the caulk with a reefing hook.
    2. A router or a circular saw can also be used to cut the seam clean. (This method requires more skill).

    3. When finished, make sure both sides of the seam have clean wood at least 1/2" deep. Vacuum all dust from the seams and wipe the seams with acetone before applying the caulk. Use bond breaker (Fine Line Tape) if the seam has a rabbet (See "why Sealants Fail"). Recaulk using TDS SIS 440 (Directions on the tube).

  3. Plugging Repairs

    Old plugs or cracked plugs can be removed using a small chisel to break them out of the bored hole; re-bore the using a hole cutter. If sides of holes are damaged, increase the diameter of the hole saw. Insert new plug, using TDS 1:1 Epoxy completely around the new plug. Plugs and epoxy can be ordered through TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS.

  4. Resurfacing Deck

    Completely sand the deck using Milwaukee grinder Model #6072 and Diskit soft pad #8051 and sanding disc. these can be ordered through TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS.
    Note: The grit of the sandpaper to be used depends on the condition of the deck. If the deck is in bad condition, start with 36 grit and finish with 80 grit.

    Important: To avoid gouging the teak, hold the pad flat to the deck. Vacuum up the dust.

  5. Inspecting the Deck

    Hose down the deck with water. As the deck is drying, observe wet spots that do not dry completely.These are areas that may need work, i.e., new plugs, more caulk repair, etc.

  6. Finish on Exterior Teakdecking

    We do not recommend any finish on exterior teakdecking in the Caribbean sun, but if it is still requested be sure to choose a brand that does not contain kerosene or other petroleum products. Any sealer containing a petroleum distillate can cause damage to the caulking over time, greatly reducing its' useful life.

    Before applying any sealer, clean teak or other wood items well with TDS TEAK CLEANER. Make sure all grease, dirt, and oil is removed from the teak. After cleaning, rinse the teak thoroughly with fresh water and let it dry. Do not use sealer ona damp or wet surface or in direct sunlight during the heat of the day.

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