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Applications for Weld Mount

Weldmount Applications

examples of weldmount wire tie mount applications

Problem: A major builder of sport fishing boats has a large DC distribution panel manufactured of white powder coated metal. Previously, plastic adhesive backed cable tie mounts were used however they continually fell off. Modifications to the panel were made to drill and tap screw holes for mounting wire ties but this proved expensive and there were problems masking the threaded holes for powder coating.

Solution: Our AT-5 wire ties are now bonded directly to the powder coated panel using AT-4020 acrylic adhesive. The AT-5 wire tie mounts are white matching the powder coated finish.

examples of weldmount stud mounts and wire tie mounts on powder coating

Problem: A large water filtration panel proved difficult to mount with traditional methods.

Solution: Our stainless steel studs are bonded to the composite substrate eliminating screw holes in the cored material and providing superior strength. Our stainless steel studs are available in 1.5" bases and a wide range of threads dimensions and stud lengths.

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