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Leaning Post Installation



  1. Before assembling the Leaning Post, check the footprint dimensions and mark the approx. locations of the mounting holes with a wax pencil.
  2. Check underneath the deck to make sure that any gas tanks, gas lines, electrical wires, etc. are far enough below the deck so they will not be damaged when drilling or through bolting the Leaning Post to the deck. (Caution, if you do not know what is directly underneath your mounting location ask your boat manufacturer, a qualified boat mechanic, or use a flashlight to view the area through an existing access hole or make a hole in an area that you can properly seal and cover afterwards.)
  3. Assemble theLeaning Post according to the Assembly Instructions provided.
  4. Using the footprint of your Leaning Post, make backing plates out of a piece of 1/2" Marine Lumber. Make sure you leave enough material for a cover plate (Step 14).
  5. If the area underneath is acceptable, place the Leaning Post in the desired location. (About 12" from the console)
  6. Make sure that your Leaning Post is straight and parallel with your console.
  7. Mark the hole locations through the mounting holes in each mounting flange, making sure that the Leaning Post does not move.
  8. Install a 3/16" drill bit into your drill and put a piece of tape on the drill bit 1" from the tip so you will know when to stop and do not drill too deep.
  9. Drill the mounting holes.
  10. Put the Leaning Post back in place to make sure that all the holes line up. Enlarge holes if necessary.
  11. If you do not have an access hatch to the underside of the deck you will have to cut an access hole between the two mounting locations on each side of the leaning post big enough so you can reach inside and install a backing plate and locknuts or T-nuts on the mounting screws. Make sure that the access hole is completely within the mounting feet of the leaning post so that you can seal and cover it up with a piece of Marine Lumber after the installation.
  12. Put sealant on the threads of each of the ¼:" mounting bolts and insert them into the holes.
  13. Install the backing plates and locknuts or T-nuts on the mounting bolts through the access holes and tighten them securely.
  14. Using a piece of 24" X 54" Marine Lumber cut the cover plate to fit within the footprint of your Leaning Post.
  15. Drill clearance holes in the Marine Lumber for the mounting screws.
  16. Using the clearance holes mark the deck and drill pilot holes so the screws can thread into the deck.
  17. Place Silicone sealant around each of the access holes and line up the holes in the Marine Lumber cover plate with the pilot holes, put sealant on the screw threads and install the screw to secure the cover plate to the deck
  18. Install the optional cooler and adjust the straps

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