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Installing Drain Tubes with a Flanging Tool

how to guide to installing brass and aluminum drain tubes

Before you install:

  • You will need two adjustable wrenches for use with the Flanging Tool.
  • Drain tube installation requires having corresponding diameter aluminum or brass drain tubes on hand.
  • Remove the old drain tube from the hull with heat or by drilling

  • You will need the Moeller flanging tool onhand.

  • Proper Drain Tube Installation

  • Replace old drain tube using an aluminum or brass drain tube of the appropriate length and diameter

  • Be sure to seal any exposed core in the drain hole with appropriate resin or below the waterline bedding compound such as 3m 4200 or sikaflex 292

  • Slide a brass washer, a steel washer, the fitted flange fixture and a drain tube over the bolt

  • Slide a drain fitting over drain tube/bolt assembly until it rests against the flanged end

  • Slide drain tube/ bolt assembly into the drain hole

  • Slide the O-ring and remaining fitting over drain tube end and insert the fitted flange fixture

  • Place brass washer and then steel washer over the bolt

  • Attach flanging nut and firmly tighten nut onto bolt until a proper flange is bent into the drain tube. Note: Do not over-tighten, this will cause drain tube to split.

  • Remove flanging tool and fixtures once flanging is complete

  • Complete your installation with a Moeller Snap-Tite, Turn-Tite or Trail-n-Bail drain plug

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