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Festool Brand Image

Festool is an indusry leader in the design and development of superior portable power tools. Since developing the first portable chainsaw back in 1929, Festool has continued to build on a reputation that offers great attention to detail, ergonomic design and unyeilding precision. Festool power tools are designed to solve problems and provide the highest-quality workmanship. For over 80 years, Festool has continually set benchmarks for the inustry, introducing such products as the first orbital sander, eccentric sander, the Rotex dual-mode sander, brushless drill driver, and the revolutionary Domino tenon joiner.

Rotex Rotary Sanders

Festool Rotex Sander

Festool Rotex dual-mode sanders allow you to move seamlessly between rough sanding and final sanding without switching sanders. The aggressive action of these sanders quickly and efficiently removes wood, paint and varnish; switch to the fine setting for final finishing. May be used in the random orbital setting to use the sander for all of your sanding needs, and switch it to the gear-driven rotary mode to polish wood, paint, and plastic surfaces.

  • Aggressive, grinder-like removal of material
  • Delicate finish sanding
  • Polishing and buffing
  • JetStream high-efficiency dust extraction

    Domino Joiner Systems

    Festool Domino Joiner

    The Domino Joiner system makes true mortise and tenon joinery easy and fast. Its ability to make accurate, durable, and repeatable joints, the Domino goes beyond the capabilities of a biscuit joiner or any other joining method. The Domino is available as either a stand-alone tool or in a set, which includes the trim stop and cross stop for greater versatility.

    Cordless Drills

    Festool Cordless Drill Festool Cordless Drills are crafted to the highest engineering and designed to work with you with interchangeable chucks, allowing you endless possibilities for any application. Often times, drilling can pose some of the most challenging operations in construction and assembly. Many obstacles may arise, including: tight tolerances, cramped spaces, odd angles, thick materials, and precise depth requirements. The interchangeable chucks on Festool drills allow for great versatility. The Centrotec chuck enables the user to drill and drive with great precision, and the FastFix right angle and eccentric chucks help you get into tight spaces and around corners.


    Festool Jigsaw

    Festool jigsaws offer great precision with smooth curves, splinter-free cuts and less sanding. Using a patented three-way saw blade guide and adjustable carbide guidance jaws that keep the cut perpendicular to the base of the jigsaw, wandering cuts are virtually eliminated. Festool's Trion Jigsaw is offered in two designs, a low profile barrel grip and a shorter D-handle.


    Festool Planer

    While conventional planers run up against obstacles during use, due to their design limitations, Festool has overcome these obstacles and introduced solutions to guarantee effortless operation, versatility, and improved results. Festools HL 850 planer offers a single spiral blade cutterhead, and since it is drawn across the workpeice at an angle, it cuts cleaner, and produces less noise and a smooth surface. The planer head's ability to cut flush to one side means there is no limit to the depth of rabbeting, or ability to plane up to an edge.


    Festool Router

    Festool Routers are manufactured with the highest quality materials and designed to be accurate and long-lasting. Whether you are trim routing laminate or making heavy cuts in hard maple or solid surface material Festool offers a router to meet your need.

    Circular Saw

    Whether you are making a perpendicular or beveled cut, these ciruclar saws deliver precision in a versatile and portable design and allow you to use the same cut line to ensure perfectly straight, splinter-free cuts.


    Festool Specialty Sander

    As well as the Rotex rotary sander, Festool offers a wide range of sanders for a variety of uses, including:

    • Random Orbital Sanders
    • Orbital Sanders
    • Specialty Sanders
    • Compressed Air Sanders

    Festool System

    Festool sees there being 4 core elements that integrate each tool into a foundational system of products. Products that work well together make each one more efficent, effective and accurate on their own.

    Dust Extractors
    Festool System Dust extractors are important not only to help keep your work area cleaner with less dust, but also to keep the air you breathe clean. Festool power tools are designed to work with their dust extractors with no problems, to help reduce airborn particulates, and extend the service life of your power tools and consumables.

    Multifunction Tables
    Festools multifunction tables offer functionality, precision, and portability to make them the ideal work surface for the workshop or jobsite. The top is composed of an indexed grid hole system and high-density MDF to enable easy clamping. These tables handle cutting, drilling, sawing, sanding and routing functions. The multifunction tables may also be linked together to form an extended workstation.

    Guide Rails
    Invented over 40 years ago, the guide rail was designed to enhance precision for the most demanding applications. Available in a range of lengths the guide rail system has a variety of accessories that may be used with it, as well they may be used with or without the multifuction table. Advantages of the guide rail system include the elimination of labrorious measurement and set-up, rework and wasted material. Each guide rail offers a patented splinterguard that accurately defines the cut line and may be used with the pluge cut circular saws.

    Festool systainers are the revolutionary system designed for organizing, packing and transporting tools, accessories and consumables. The flexible, modular design of these containers save time and space and keep everything you need in easy reach.

    Festool Design Approach

    Festrool Dust Extractor

    Festool designs their products:

    • To solve problems.
    • For the way work happens, keeping the function of the power tool in mind.
    • With comfort in mind, ergonomic design.
    • For quality, reliability and flawless execution.
    • For healthier environments.
    • For portability.
    • To work together.

    Festool Breakthroughs & Innovations

    Festool Drill

  • 1929: First portable chainsaw
  • 1951:First orbital sander
  • 1964: First plunge cut saw with guide rail system
  • 1976: First eccentric random orbital sander
  • 1984: Dual-mode Rotex sander
  • 1984: Jigsaw with triple blade guide
  • 1993: Systainers
  • 1999: CT dust extractors
  • 2000:Linear sander, designed specifically for profiles and edges
  • 2005: Cordless drill with brushless motor
  • 2007: Domino joiner
  • 2008: Kapex miter saw

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