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Raymarine Inc.

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Raymarine is the world leader in marine electronics and develops and manufactures the most comprehensive range of electronic equipment for recreational boating and light commercial marine markets.

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Marine Radar

Raymarine Marine Radar

The marine radar systems offered by Raymarine deliver unmatched performances and ease-of-use. Each system consist of a Raymarine multifunction display and your choice of either a radome or open array antenna.

HD Digital Fishfinders

The adaptive digital technology in these HD fishfinders automatically adjusts sonar parameters to changing sea conditions to virtually eliminate surface clutter and water column Raymarine HD Fishfinder noise and target fish and bottom structure with precise clarity. The digital processing delivers the most life-like bottom structure without the need for manual tuning or adjustments, making it truly a "hands-off" operation. Anglers are easily able to identify species of fish and their habitat at a glance, the adaptive digital receiver of the digital sounder module allows anglers to distinguish bait fish from larger game species, even when they are tightly packed together, or stacked vertically.

SIRIUS Marine Weather Receivers

Raymarine offers these SIRIUS weather receivers for their C-Series and E-Series systems to provide you with onboard weather displays and the comfort and peace of mind of having the Raymarine SIRIUS Weather latest weather forecasts at your fingertips. These receivers provide high quality and comprehensive weather information right to your vessel while the Raymarine multifunction navigation displays enables captains to view and animate weather forecasts in a full screen or within a window alongside radar, chartplotter and fishfinder functions.

G-Series Navigation System

Raymarine G-Series System

Raymarines premier navigation system, the G-Series, is a multifunction helm solution that combines ultra bright displays, remote keyboards, and powerful processors with network sensors for radar, fishfinder, GPS, weather and video.

Each system begins with the processor module, marine display, and command center keyboard. Network sensors for GPS, fishfinder and radar provide primary navigation data. Additional processors, displays and keyboards may be added to the netwod to support multiple station applications. You can expand your G-Series network even more with on board monitoring cameras, audio and video entertainment, engine instrument data and satellite weather integration.Raymarine A-Series

A-Series System

Compact chartplotters and chartplotter/fishfinders.

Raymarine C-Series

C-Series System

Multifunction displays with chartplotter, radar, fishfinder capabilities.

E-Series System

Raymarine E-Series

High performance multifunction displays wit premium features, including touch screen, brighter displays plus expanded networking and video capabilities.

Marine Cameras

Raymarine offers a full line of high quality remote monitoring cameras for C-Series, E-Series and G-Series systems. These marine cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on the crew, engine room or blind spots when docking.


Raymarine AIS

This line of AIS (Automatic Identification System) reciever and transceivers are designed for use with Raymarines A-Series, C-Series, E-Series and G-Series systems. The AIS enables the wireless exchange of navigation status between vessels and shore-side traffic monitoring centers. Commercial ships, ocean going vessels and other boat that are equipped with AIS transmitters broadcast AIS messages that include the vessel's name, course, speed, and current navigation status.


Raymarine LifeTag

Raymarine's LifeTag is a wireless man over board system that sounds an alarm when a crew member goes out of range.

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