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Pettit Paints

Pettit Marine Paint

Pettit Paints Brand Image

Pettit Paints manufactures and markets a complete line of high performance marine coatings. Time after time Pettit has proven itself and its reputation by outperforming all other major brand of antifoulant bottom paints, topside paints and varnishes.

Pettit supplies and wide range of marine paint for almost every use and application, including:

  • Antifouling Paint
  • Topside Paint
  • Primers
  • Varnish
  • Thinners
  • Underwater Metals
  • Pro-Coatings
  • Prop-Koat

ViViD Bright Color Antifouling

Pettit Vivid Antifouling Paint

Raymarine introduced ViViD Antifouling to replace the old type of bottom paint that was dull and dirty looking. With ViViD you can have the brightest colors, blackest black and whitest white ever seen in bottom paint. Not only will ViViD provide you ideal color, but you will also benefit from a powerful, multi-season, dual biocide antifouling paint that is just as effective as it is beautiful.

Prop-Koat System

Pettit Prop Koat Pettit's Prop-Koat system is a high performance foul release coating that is designed for use on all underwater metal parts including stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum. This product can be used of props, shafts, rudders, struts, outdrive units and outboards. The Prop-Koat system offers excellent flexibility for use on inflatable fabric boats and cures to a tough, non-toxic elastic finish. Both hard and soft fouling is easily removed by simply wiping with a sponge or cloth. The clear, glossy finish is able to resist sun, salt and water.

Go clean into the future

Pettit Paint has made a commitment to the research and development of the highest quality, most environmentally gentle marine paints and coatings. Pettit Clean, Green Alternative products employ a variety of new, breakthrough additives and formulations, including: Pettit Marine Paint Green

  • Composite Copper Technology- This technology makes it possible to replace the core of traditional Cuprous Oxide with environmentally friendly silica, reducing the copper footprint by up to 40%.
  • Econea- Anti-foulants that are made with just 5% of non-metal Econea are just as effective as those made with 50% copper. The breakdown products of Econea have an extremely low toxicity and are biodegradable. Econea is non-corrosive to metals and is safe for use on aluminum and all other underwater metals.
  • Water-base Ablative- Combining outstanding antifouling protection with ease of application, this technology uses water to replace the harsh solvents found in conventional bottom paints. This low-odor formula opens up a world of possibilities, including painting in the fall or indoors.
  • White Copper
    This biocide requires 50% less content than the heavy, dark copper used in conventional anti-foulants. White copper is just as effective as traditional biocides and much more environmentally friendly.
  • Zinc Omadine/ Zinc Pyrithione- Zinc Omadine is a versatile product in the world of biocide technology, its so safe that the FDA approved it for use as an antidandruff shampoo, and yet still it's extremely effective against marine slime, algae, and other soft growth. Zinc Omadine, combined with White Copper is the secret to ViViD's success.
  • Self-polishing Copolymer Technology- SPC technology releases only the precise amount of biocide necessary for complete antifouling protection, eliminating waste and producing a finish that becomes slicker, smoother, faster and more fuel efficient over time, regardless of use. This trouble-free formula eliminates the problems associated with other copolymer products.

    Antifouling for Outdrives

    Pettit ViViD Antifouling Pettit offers several systems for applying antifouling paint to outdrives. For high fouling waters, Pettit's "Best" system uses ViViD antifouling as the most dependable long-term protection available. Make sure all surfaces are clean and properly prepped to ensure the products adhesion to the surface.

    Factory Painted Outdrives Thoroughly scuff outdrive surface with 80 grit paper, then solvent clean with 120 Brushing Thinner to remove residue. Apply one coat of 6627 Tie-Coat Primer and allow four hours to dry. Apply two finish coats of ViViD allowing to dry overnight between coats.

    Previously Painted Outdrives
    For coatings that are in good condition, sand with 80 grit paper and then solvent clean with 120 Brushing Thinner to remove residue. Apply one coat of 6627 Tie-Coat Primer and allow to dry four hours. Apply two finish coats of ViViD allowing overnight to dry between coats. If the previous coating is soft or in poor condition, remove to the bare surface by sanding or using a paint & varnish remover. Proceed with appropriate bare system as described below. Old tin copolymers should be sealed with Pettit 6627 Tie Coat Primer before applying ViViD.

    Bare Aluminum Outdrives
    Abrade to clean, bright metal by sandblasting, sanding or wire brushing. Blow off or vacuum sanding residue and immediately apply one thin coat of Pettit 6455/044 Metal Primer. Let dry two hours and apply two coats of 6627 Tie-Coat Primer allowing to dry four hours between coats. Apply two finish coats of ViViD allowing to dry overnight between coats.

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