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CRC Industries, Inc.

CRC Brand Image Marykate Brand Image

CRC Industries has been a leader and innovator in the production of quality maintenance chemicals for boaters and marine professionals since 1958. CRC Industries manufactures both CRC Marine and Marykate brand products.

The Marykate brand offers a complete product line of premium cleaners, waxes, soaps and specialty appearance and maintenance products, which includes On & Off, the marine industry's number one product for hull cleaning.

CRC Marine Boat

CRC Marine offers superior quality professional-grade lubricants, cleaners, corrosion protectants and engine maintenance chemicals. Some of the top sellers in the CRC Marine product line are 6-56 Marine Lubricant and Engine Stor Fogging Oil.

CRC PhaseGuard4

CRC PhaseGuard4

Ethanol-blended fuel can lead to excess water in the fuel system; water in the fuel system can lead to sever corrosion, engine damage and unanticipated shut-down, so it is necessary to to protect your tank from this corrosion. PhaseGuard4 Ethanol Fuel Treatment provides the maximum corrosion protection available for E10 to E85 fuel. This treatment product prevents phase separation with the only 4-in-1 formula that also protects against corrosion, cleans the entire fuel system, stabilizes fuel for long-term storage and restores power and mileage potential. Laboratory testing of PhaseGuard4 has shown that it provides better water removal capability and better corrosion protection that other leading ethanol fuel treatments.

Marykate NanoTechnology

CRC Marykate NanoTechnology

Marykate offers the newest technology in marine appearane products with their Nano Boat Wax and Nano Color Restorer. The particles used in thsee products are measured in nonometers, which are one billionth the size of a meter. These particles are so small, thousands of them could fit into the width of the period at the end of this sentence. Because the nano-sized particles used in these products cover a greater surface area and penetrate deeper in order to fill fine scratches and swirl marks on fiberglass surface, you are able to use less product and get a better finish, faster.

Marykate On & Off for Outdrives

CRC Marykate On & Off

Specifically formulated to clean painted aluminum outdrives, outboard lower units and propulsion components, this unique product uses Safe Acid Technology to effectively remove tough calcium and mineral deposits, scum lines, algae stains and other marine stains without harming the painted surface. With regular use of this product you can maintain a "like new" appearance and help to prevent heavy deposits from forming. You may also use it to clean outboard engine covers and it is safe on fiberglass and won't harm gelcoat.

Marykate Cleaners

Marykate offers a wide range of marine grade cleaners, including:

  • Canvas & Fabric Cleaner:
    Remove dirt and stains and restore the original color to bimini tops, boat covers, enclosures, seat covers and more. Ideal for use on marine fabrics, including Sunbrella and Sharkskin, as well as other acrylic, synthetic, polyester and vinyl fabrics. Color safe and won't cause fading. CRC Marykate Cleaner
  • Carpet Stain & Spot Remover:
    Remove stains and keep marine carpeting and upholstery looking new. This formulation penetrates the fibers to break up and lift out even the toughest soils and stains, including food, wine, grease, fish blood, cosmetics, ink and more. This product leaves carpet smelling fresh without any ozone-depleting ingredients with a zero VOC odor-free formulation that contains no ammonia or bleach.
  • Vinyl Cleaner:
    Cleans and renews vinyl and creates a micro-thin barrier to help protect against future staining. This product removes embedded dirt, grease, suntan lotion, food and beverage stains from vinyl seating and cushions. Resists drying and cracking, this odor-free formula contains zero VOCs.

CRC Battery Maintenance

CRC offers products to maintain ideal performance from your battery.CRC Battery MaintenanceTheir battery cleaner product offers an acid indicator which the yellow foam turn pink when it comes into contact with acid. The cleaner quickly removes corrosion from cables, terminals, cases and hold-downs and helps to promote longer battery life and assures maximum battery current flow. CRC's battery terminal protector helps to protect batteries from corrosion, which is a leading cause of hard-starting and battery failure. This protectant helps prolong battery life and provides a soft, lead-free protective coating that dries quickly.

CRC Environmentally Friendly Products

CRC Environmentally FriendlyWhen you see a CRC product with the environmentally friendly logo, you can be assured that this product, when compared to other formulas, reduces or eliminates the environmental impact of the use of the product. By using these products you will reduce hazardous waste generation and air emissions while still receiving the exceptional performance you expect. CRC environmentally friendly products:

  • Contains No Ozone Depleting Chemicals
  • Contains No SARA Reportable Ingredients
  • Contains No Carcinogens
  • Contains No California Prop 65 Ingredients
  • Contains No Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • Contains No Nonyl Phenols
  • Contains No Heavy Metals
  • Contains No Phosphates
  • Contains No Butyl

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