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Sea-dog is a premier provider of high quality marine, industrial and rigging hardware in a variety of materials, including: bronze, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, chrome, die cast zinc and more.

  • Cleats and Chocks
  • Snaps and Shackles
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Rail Fittings
  • Deck Hardware
  • Vents and Fuel Fittings
  • Lights and Switches
  • Electrical

    Aluminum Cleats

    Sea-dog aluminum cleats may be easily welded to provide you with a strong and permanent fixing, welding these aluminum cleats can be less expensive than alloy cleats which need to be fixed to the surface by drilling holes and bolting.

    Line-Lok Tent Cleats

    The Line-Lok Tent Cleats are line tensioners that lock lines securely and are easy to release.
      Sea-Dog Line-Lok Tent Cleats
    • Easy to tension, easy to release even when wearing thick gloves
    • Grips the line to resist being shaken loose - even in extreme conditions
    • Available in two sizes to hold a variety of ropes - from 0 to 5mm (0" to 3/16")
    • Patented toothform holds high loads without damaging the line
    • Engineering grade Nylon, impact and UV resistant
    • Tested to sub-zero conditions
    • Easy to rig during assembly

    Cabinet Hardware

    Sea Dog Heavy Duty Slide Hasp Sea-Dog offers a full line of cabinet hardware in a variety of materials. They provide hinges, mounting pads, slide and swivel hasps, padlock eyes, door hooks, barrel bolts, handles, latches, and pull rings.

    Rail Fittings

    Sea-dog offers a large variety of railing hardware, including stud mount and hand rails, top and end fittings in a variety of materials, track and hinge fittings, fasteners, rail tees and fittings, elbow and bow forms.

    Deck HardwareSea-dog Anchor

    Large offering of anchors and anchoring accessories, including anchor chains, hatch latch and adjusters, lift mounts, chain stoppers, gripper plates, ladder locks, hatch springs and more.

    Rigging Hardware

    Sea-Dog offers a full product line of hardware for rigging in a variety of materials, including: thimbles, swivels, turnbuckles, pelican hooks, release pins and a large variety of rings in many shapes, sizes and materials.

    Snaps and Shackles Sea-Dog Shackle

    Sea-dog offers a wide range of snaps, shackles, quick links and rope clips in a variety of materials, including bronze, galvanized steel, stainless steel, nickel-plated, die cast zinc, chrome zinc and brass.

    Electrical Sea-Dog Switch Panel

    Large offering of electrical products including light bulbs, fuse holders, terminal blocks, ac/dc circuit breakers, current transformers, analog meters, power sockets, battery switches and clips and much more.

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