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Founded back in 1986 by an aeronautical engineer, Scanstrut is now the international leader in the design and manufacture of installation solutions for marine electronics. Scanstrut products are designed to maximize the performance of your marine electronics, and they offer a range of over 100 different installation products to mount radar, satcom, GPS, VHF and nav lights onto yachts, powerboats, commercial and military vessels.

Instrument Pods


    Scanpod is new product range offered from Scanstrut Mounting PODS for marine electronics. This line is designed as instrument mounts for marine electronics on power and sailboats.
      Scanstrut Scanpods
    • Models are grouped into logical size options - up to 8" displays; 10" & 12" displays; 15" displays
    • Two case depths - shallow & deep - compact mounting of displays
    • Simplified range - easy product selection
    • Choice of colors - silver or white
    • Designed to mount instruments from all key brands of marine electronics
    • Fitting kit includes: seals, drills, stainless fastenings, etc.

    Helm Pods

    The compact styling of these PODS take up less space at the helm and offer a universal fit for 9.5" and 12" center pedestals. The innovative watertight seal system provides full instrument protection, and temper-proof stainless fastenings offer a secure installation without self-tapping into plastic.

    Mast PodsScanstrut Mast Pod

    With these mast PODS you can install standard or larger 20/20 maxi style instruments at the mast for a clear view. Available in lightweight and cost effective options, like carbon and ABS models. The universal mounting system fits to a wide range of mast sizes.

    Deck Pods

    Easily mount these range of universal PODS on any surface, flat or sloping to install displays onto your powerboat, commercial vessel, RIB or sailboat wheelhouse.

    Flex-Mount System

    This Flex-Mount System is a modular range that adds to Scanpod models and provides additional functions, such as a swivel rail top mounting for even greater screen viewing.

Sailboat Products

    Self-Levelling Radar Mount

    Scanstrut Self-Levelling Radar MountMay not be used for installing Satcom, these self-levelling radar mounts ensure that your radar stays level with the horizon at all time for optimum antenna performance. As the boat heels, the radar is kept horizontal, preventing target loss and providing the best possible radar picture.
    • Backstay Mounted - positions radar on backstay = uncluttered decks
    • Mast Mounted - mounts radar higher up on mast = maximum horizon
    • Pole Mounted - option to mount radar & satcom = space saving

    Mast Mount

    Mast mounts are designed for 2kW and 4kW radomes. The Satcom mast mount is designed for use with 40cm and 60 cm satcom/ tv antennas and provide a new solution for installing larger satcom antennas on the mast, clear of the deck and free from obstructions.

    Pole Mount

    • SC100 Pole Mount - For 2kW & 4kW radomes
    • SC2 Pole Mount - For larger radomes and open-array radars

    Dual Pole MountScanstrut Dual Self-Levelling Mount

    The dual self-levelling pole mount is designed for 2kW or 4kW radomes and 30cm or 40cm satcom/tv antennas. These systems enable a dual option for installing both a radar and satcom antenna on a single space saving mount. This self-levelling mount is fitted to the pole and a top platform supports the satcom/ tv dome above the radar to ensure the best performance from both applications.

Powerboat Products


    Scanstrut PowerTower The PowerTower is designed to install your antenna on the cabin roof, flybridge or radar arch of your power boat. This provides a clear view of the horizon for maximum antenna performance. All PowerTowers are built using the highest marine grade materials, with unrivalled strength and surface finish; for use with radomes and open-array antennas.

    Satcom PowerTower

    Designed for use with 30cm, 40cm and 60cm satcom/ tv antennas, these Satcom PowerTowers are designed to raise your satcom/ tv antenna clear of obstructions, whilst minimizing the footprint, allowing greater choice for antenna position.

    Satcom Antenna Mount

    Knowing that space on board is always limited for installing satcom antennas, this mount is designed to eliminate the problem by reducing the mounting footprint size up to 60%, providing a greater choice of antenna position and guarentees maximum satcom antenna performance.

    Dual PowerTower

    Scanstrut Dual Power Tower This mount allows for the installation of radar and satcom/tv antennas together on a single space-saving mount. By mounting the satcom antenna above the radar it eliminates antenna interference and ensures maximum performance from both applications. Designed for use with radomes and open-array radars and 30cm, 40cm or 60cm satcom/ tv antennas.

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