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SuperLube Trailer Wheel Hub/Spindles Owners Manual

SuperLube Wheel Hub/Spindle Operating Instructions

Your trailer is equipped with TDE wheel hubs/spindles. The hubs are pre-greased and assembled at the factory and should not require any initial adjustments. The UHI hub uses tapered roller bearing cones and cups. This configuration requires a minimal amount of end play that is provided at the time of assembly.

SuperLube Lubrication

Your hub/spindle is equipped with TDE's SuperLube Lubrication System. The bearings can be periodically lubricated without removing the hubs from the axle. The advantage to this system is that new grease saturates the inner bearing and outer bearing while pushing out the old grease, unlike systems that just push new grease on top of old grease.

  1. Remove the rubber plug from the grease (hub) cap.
  2. Use a standard grease gun onto the grease fitting located at the end of the spindle, or behind the hub, making sure the grease gun nozzle is engaged on the fitting tightly.
  3. Pump grease into the fitting, while slowly turning the wheel. Grease will flow out of the hub around the spindle.
  4. When the grease appears to be the new clean grease, remove the grease gun and wipe off any excess grease.
  5. Replace the rubber plug in the cap.

Removal/Remounting for the SuperLube Hub

Removing the hub for inspection or maintenance should be done in a safe location away from moving vehicles.

  1. Elevate the trailer using the manufacturers instructions. Always use jack stands or other solid supports. Do not depend on a jack to support the trailer. Block wheels to keep trailer from rolling.
  2. Remove the tire/wheel assembly.
  3. Remove the grease cap from the hub by prying around the edge of the cap.
  4. Bend the locking tang washer to the "free" position.
  5. Remove the spindle nut in a counterclockwise direction and remove the spindle washer.
  6. Remove the hub from the spindle. Be careful not to allow bearings to fall out of the hub.
  7. Clean bearing and cup surfaces, repack with lithium marine grade grease.
  8. Place hub on spindle in reverse order as listed above. Rotate the hub while tightening the spindle nut to approximately 50 ft lbs. This translates into full hand pressure with a 12" long set of pliers or 12" long wrench.
  9. Loosen the spindle nut to remove the torque, do not rotate hub.
  10. Finger tighten the spindle nut until snug, backing out only to line up the locking tang washer.
  11. Bend the locking tang tab in place.
  12. Replace grease/hub cap.
  13. Test hub with wheel mounted for excessive play or tightness, readjust if required.

Bearing Reference Chart

bearing to spindle diameter reference chart

Simple is best. Especially when it comes to wheel bearing maintenance. That's why Tie Down has introduced Super Lube, the hub bearing lubrication system that provides continuous protection by following a fast and easy maintenance program.

Simply attach a conventional grease gun to the grease fitting. As new grease is continually pumped into the system, the old grease is forced out of the bearings and into the dust cap reservoir. Remove all excess grease from the dust cap reservoir, replace the rubber expansion access cap and repacking is completed, with out the expense of a service center.

The Super Lube System provides extended bearing life by thoroughly distributing grease and eliminates the need to disassemble the hubs and repack the wheel bearings. Simply put, that means peace-of-mind for you.

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