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Installing the Turbo Lube Hub Kit

trailer drum brake flush kit

Trailer Hub Installation

  • Remove wheel from hub.
  • Remove hub dust cap, cotter key, spindle nut and washer.
  • Remove old hub from spindle
  • Assemble new hub. Pack bearings as shown, if not already pre-assembled or pre-greased.
  • Wipe spindle clean, check for any noticeable wear or rust.
  • Place a thin coating of oil or grease on spindle surface.
  • Mount Turbo Lube Hub.
  • Tighten the spindle nut with a 1/2 inch torque wrench to approximately 40 ft. lbs. Turn wheel in both directions to confirm wheel turns freely.
  • Turn back spindle nut 1/6 turn maximum to the nearest cotter key or flange washer locking position. Wheel should turn smoothly with no end play or wobble.
  • Place the Turbo Lube O-ring over the threaded portion of the Turbo Cap.
  • Install oil cap, turn clockwise, torque to 30 ft. lbs. (1750# and 3000# models) Do not over tighten.
stainless steel spindle wear sleeve
stainless steel spindle wear sleeve

Hub Bearing Lubrication

  1. Remove oil filling plug from Turbo Lube Cap. Add oil into the Turbo Lube Hub.
  2. Add oil (1750#:2.5 oz. & 3000#: 4.0 oz.) until oil level is appropriately half full on the see through oil cap (up to MAX FILL line). Some time should be given to allow oil to pass through the bearings and level off.
  3. Replace oil filling plug.
  4. Check oil level. Add oil if necessary (repeating step 1,2 & 3) to maximum fill level on the see-through oil cap.
  5. Mount tire/wheel.
  6. Check oil level in the Turbo Lube Hub before each trip. Add oil if required to "MAX FILL" line on cap.
NOTE: It is normal for the oil to change color after a few miles of use.
NOTE: If you have stainless steel wear sleeves, use the following instructions: stainless steel spindle wear sleeve

Stainless Steel Wear Sleeve Instructions

When installing turbo lube hubs on an existing axle that has stainless steel wear sleeves, apply a high temperature silicone sealant like "RTV" (NOT INCLUDED) to the inside and outside area where the seal meets the spindle surface. Allow sealant to fully "CURE" before assembly. This must be done to prevent potential oil leakage under the wear sleeve.

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