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Spinlock is an innovative company that is well-known as a world leader in rope handling technology. Their company is based in Cowes, Isle of Wight, the "home of Yachting" and they have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing rope holding products for boats as small as dinghies and as large as Superyachts. They offer quality products in the lines of cleats, clutches and jammers, holding ropes from 2mm to 32mm and loads up to 12000kgs.


Spinlock Cleat The PXR is a high performance development of the successful PX range, optimized for performance rope ranges 2-6mm and 8-10mm. The roller action of the PXR helps to keep the release effort easy, even as the wind strength increases. As well, the low profile body of this cleat contains hard anodized CAM and Base surfaces for maximum grip and durability, while stainless steel rope guides provide a wide angle of control, with easy release from any angle. Spinlock also offers a SUA Mini Jammer for use with smaller winches.


Spinlock clutches are designed to hold the loads of lines led back to a winch which can then be released easily under load. Both the XAS and XTS series clutches are specified on production Spinlock Clutch yachts worldwide and the preferred choice of racers. The mechanism of the XCS clutches is identical to the XTS, but is alloy bodied for extra durability, performance and white, black and silver finishes. The XX Power clutch holds loads up to 50% higher than any conventional clutch and is smooth and controlled to release and is the only secure clutch for solution for lines on high performance yachts.
  • XAS Range: Effortless multi-rope clutch
  • XTS Range: Mid-load rope holding
  • XCS Range: Mid-load rope holding
  • XX Range: Secure clutching for high loads


Spinlock Jammer Spinlock also offers a different styles of jammers to suit your application and loads. The ZS series jammers are for larger diameters and high loads where using the winch for release is a positive safety feature. ZD Alloy Jammer lines from 8mm to 18mm and loads to 4000kgs, while ZS Carbon Jammers are designed especially for very high loads in a wide range of lines up to 32mm and 12000kgs. The ZS Open Jammers can be locked onto any loaded line; the perfect solution for peeling spinnakers, headsails, reefing and dealing with an emergency.
  • ZR Jammer: This new generation "hands free" jammer technology is ideal for production boats.
  • ZS Alloy Range: This jammer is great for high loads.
  • ZS Carbon Range: This lightweight jammer is designed for ultimate high loads.
  • ZS Open Jammers: Mobile jammer for securing already loaded lines.
  • ZS Ropesense: Simple mobile load testing.
  • ZA-RLB: Remote release switch.


The TS Aft Organizers are custom made to suit individual deck layouts and divert lines from a Spinlock Organizer mixed bank of clutches and jammers to the winch, with loads up to 2000kg (4400lbs) per sheave. T Series Organizers lead multiple lines back from the mast to clutches and are available in 38mm and 50mm sheave sizes in composite or alloy sheaves, with up to six sheaves. TWF Organizers are ideal for diverting lines behind a clutch to another winch and are suitable for loads up to 1000kg (2200lbs).
  • TS Range: Aft organizers designed for high loads.
  • T38, T50 & TC50 Range: Designed for leading lines to and from the clutch.
  • TWF Range: Designed for diverting lines.
  • WL Range: Compact stanchion lead system
  • BRS Range: Offers controlled spinnaker handling.
  • Bulls Eye Range: This low profile range controls line guides.


  • PD Pad Eyes: Integral 'U' bolt fastening make these the lightest and strongest pad eyes available. These pad eyes offer low profile fabrication in 17-4PH stainless steel.
  • ATCU Throttle Control Unit: Designed to allow the throttle handle to be removed, reducing the risk of snags. The socket can be located in the optimal cockpit position, making this the preferred throttle solution on raceboats.
  • RF Sail Feeder: These sailfeeders may be installed without drilling and provide a smooth, fast sail hoist every time with no hand feeding.
  • RP25 Rope Protection: This brush on surface coating for rope helps to increase resistance to abrasion.

Tiller Extensions

Spinlock Tiller Extension Spinlock tiller extensions are designed for the harshest conditions, and can help to reduce strain and increase the enjoyment of helming a boat. The asymmetric extension improves helming performance, with more feedback for accurate and precise control, maintaining the best helming position for optimum trim and visibility. The two handed helming mode lets the arms relax into a more comfortable, elbows down position, resulting in less fatigue and increased concentration. The parallel grip EJ offers all of the same features as the Asymmetric, but with a smaller grip. The compact solution for the smaller cockpit and ideal for hiking fast and tacking.

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