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Boss Audio

Boss Audio Brand Image

Boss Audio

Boss Audio is a leading manufacturer of a full line of mobile electronics equipment, and one of the top five producers of power amplifiers in the world. As a company they are focused on developing products that offer the best performance and utilize the latest technology with the best price. Their products include such things as: mobile videos, head units, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, and signal processors.

Boss Marine

Boss manufactures a full line of electronics, specifically designed for and suited to withstand the harsh marine environment. Boss Marine Speakers

  • CD / DVD Receivers
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Subwoofers
  • Speakers
  • Waketower Speakers
  • Marine Accessories

    Boss Audio Technology

    Class D

    Class D amps have large output-stage power dissipation in in even the most efficient linear output stages. This difference gives Class D significant advantages in many applications because the lower power dissipation produces less heat, saves circuit board space and cost.

    Sound Engine

    A package of audio processing controls providing detailing tuning capability to customize the response of your system. This package includes true parametric equalization, programmable EQ curves, bass boost, subwoofer level control, and low pass filter.

    iPod Interface

    iPod InterfaceUsing IPC60 or IPC40 you can connect your iPod using the data port and play music through your BOSS head unit.

    USB Port

    Allows interface with storage devices to play your stored music through your BOSS head unit.


    Animated Graphics BOSS head units using a multicolor display to represent functions and features in an easy to recognize format.

    MOSFET Power Supply

    Utilized transistors with exremely fast switching speed for outstanding frequency response.

    Gain Control

    On power amplifiers this feature allows you to match the input sensitivity with the output level of your source unit.


    The ability to take two amplifier channels and "add" them together to make one, more powerful output channel.

    Dual Voice Coil

    Two separate voice coils in a subwoofer providing versatility in speaker wiring configurations yielding a choice of impedance. This provides flexibility in system design and is useful in getting increase volume in bass frequencies.

    Passive Radiator

    Speaker enclosures that utilize a passive radiator contain an "active", or main driver, and a "passive cone". Passive radiators are used in smaller enclosures to tune the small volume and diver for excellent low frequency performance without taking up a lot of room in your vessel.

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