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Since its establishment in 1978, the family owned and operated New Nautical Coatings, Inc. company has been the proud manufacturer of Sea Hawk Paint products. Seahawk Paint products are made to the highest quality standards with only the finest raw materials to ensure exceptional performance. In fact, Sea-Hawk Paints provide such extraordinary performance that they have been proven to outperform other bottom paints by a staggering 30%! Only after Sea Hawk products endure rigorous quality testing and inspections are they permitted for consumer usage.

New Nautical Coatings, Inc. produces a wide variety of Sea Hawk products such as Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint, Primer Systems and Reducers and Converters to satisfy every mariner's need.

Sea-Hawk Anti-Fouling Bottom Paints

Antifouling Bottom Paints are designed to control and prevent the growth of barnacles, algae and slime on the underside of your vessel. Sea-Hawk Ant-Fouling Bottom PaintSea Hawk Anti-Fouling Bottom Paints are available in many styles including Self Polishing CoPolymer and Hard Modified Epoxy Anti-Fouling Bottom Paints.

Self Polishing CoPolymer Bottom Paint

Self Polishing CoPolymer Paint by Sea-Hawk produces a coating designed to control the process of erosion, thus removing the annoyance of coating build-up. Sea-Hawk manufactures an eclectic variety of Self Polishing CoPolymer Bottom Paints including the following:

  • Biocop TF Bottom Paint
  • AF-33 Bottom Paint
  • Cukote Bottom Paint
  • Cukote Biocide Plus Bottom Paint
  • Mission Bay Bottom Paint

Hard Modified Epoxy Bottom Paints

Sea Hawk Hard Modified Epoxy Bottom Paints are designed to give your boat a tough, hard and durable finish to withstand use over multiple seasons. Sea-Hawk offers many hard modified epoxy paints including the following:

  • Sharkskin Bottom Paint
  • Tropikote Bottom Paint

Sea-Hawk Primer Systems

Sea-Hawk offers primer systems designed for every job from preparing the boat's hull for antifouling paint to barrier coatings and include the following varieties: Sea-Hawk Tuff Stuff High-Build Epoxy Primer

  • Barrier Coat Primer Systems
  • Tuff Stuff High-Build Epoxy Primer Systems
  • Hawk's Grip Primer Systems
  • Outboard and Outdrive Primer Systems

Sea-Hawk Reducers

Seahawk Reducers are designed to be used with other Sea-Hawk products, are easy to apply and have an exceptional performance that is second to none. Sea Hawk Reducers include the following varieties:

  • Islands 44 Plus Reducers

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