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Offshore Systems

Offshore Systems

Offshore Systems (UK) Ltd. is proudly distinguished as the world's leading manufacturer of marine tank level measurement senders and NMEA 2000 marine network displays. One of their greatest accomplishments was being the first company to manufacture and produce the Fuel Level Sender of NMEA 2000 certification, which has the ability to measure tank levels from 250mm up to 2 meters deep. Considered to be one of their most successful products to date, the Offshore Systems Fuel Deck Filler Gauge is innovative in that it displays tank level at the point of filling. An advantage to this feature is that it eliminates refueling spills, which can account for harmful pollution and fire hazards.

The company is headquartered in New Milton in Hampshire, UK and was incorporated in 1991. Offshore Systems products are produced in the United Kingdom but sold worldwide.

NMEA 2000 Network System

Offshore Systems (UK) Ltd. is one of the few companies whose products carry the desired NMEA 2000 certification. In order to become certified, products must undergo a rigorous process. Only then may they bear the "NMEA 2000 Certified" logo. Products that are NMEA 2000 certified come with the assurance that they are compatible with other NMEA 2000 electronics and will collaborate on a single network system. A few other companies that carry NMEA 2000 certified products include Garmin, Raymarine and Teleflex.

NMEA 2000 is also name to the communication network that connects together depth finders, deck filler gauges, engines, tank level sensors and other NMEA 2000 marine electronics using Controller Area Network technology (CAN). This network system is controlled by the NMEA or National Marine Electronics Association. The system requires a simple installation of running a mini cable as the backbone or trunk cable in your boat and securing the devices of your choice to it by use of micro cables.

Offshore Systems offers a variety of marine electronics that are NMEA 2000 certified and can be used with your NMEA 2000 system including the following:

MultiTank Display

Offshore Systems NMEA 2000 Multitank Display

The Offshore Systems NMEA 2000 MultiTank Display provides tank level readings of up to four tanks at once in gauge, digital or bar graph format. The MultiTank Display enables you to view the levels of fuel, fresh water, gray water, black water, oil and live well tanks all on one graphical display unit. This NMEA 2000 product allows the user to customize the names of each tank display to his or her preference, making the process of comprehending which tank levels belong to which tank a breeze. The MultiTank Display attaches easily to your existing NMEA 2000 system with one micro plug. Other features include:

  • Displays tank levels in liters, U.S. Gallons or Gallons
  • Includes a complete installation and operation manual as well as a combination power and signal cable

Deck Fills

Offshore Systems Deck Filler Gauge

Offshore Systems offers two deck filler gauges: the Resistive Sender Deck Filler Gauge and the NMEA 2000 Deck Filler Gauge. Both gauges display tank levels at the tank's deck filler for added convenience and reduced risk of spilling at the point of filling. The blue LED display provides a clear indication of the level of liquid in the tank at all times. All deck filler gauges meet the standards of NMEA 2000 and the IEC60945 Maritime Navigational and Radio Communications Equipment Standard, assuring their reliability and trouble free operation for many years.

Water and Fuel Level Senders

Offshore Systems Fresh Water Level Sender

Offshore Systems offers Fresh Water, Waste Water and Fuel Level Senders. Water Level Senders are designed to transmit highly accurate readings of fresh water or gray or waste water tank levels to your existing NMEA 2000 system. Fuel Level Senders are constructed to send fuel volume readings to your NMEA 2000 system. All senders are durable, built out of stainless steel and are made to last. Each sender enables you to program specific tank name and shape or volume information to be shown on NMEA 2000 displays. Fresh Water, Waste Water and Fuel Senders are all NMEA 2000 certified so you can be sure you are getting a reliable piece of equipment that is quality assured. Other features include:

  • Self calibrating when switched on
  • Can be simply installed into an exisiting NMEA 2000 system with a single Micro plug
  • Water Senders include one 5 Bolt to 1.25" BSP Mounting Ring

Tank Sender Adapter

Offshore Systems Tank Sender Adapter

The Offshore Systems Tank Sender Adapter connects a standard resistive tank level sender to an existing NMEA 2000 system. The Sender Adapter can be easily configured for fresh water, waste water, fuel, live wells and oil tanks by use of a few small switches. In addition, it can support up to 16 tanks of each type on one system. The Tank Sender Adapter is NMEA 2000 certified and is constructed to be extremely reliable and durable for years of use.

NMEA 2000 Cabling Accessories

Offshore Systems manufacturers a variety of cabling accessories necessary for successfully installing a basic NMEA 2000 system of your own. Offshore Systems Network Starter Kit

  • The Network Starter Kit contains the essential terminators, power cords, Tee connectors and trunk cables for setting up the NMEA 2000 system.
  • The NMEA 2000 Network Cabling can be used to create the trunk or backbone cable that is a crucial element of the NMEA 2000 system.
  • The NMEA 2000 Network Power Cable enables you to give power to the entire NMEA 2000 system through only one power cord.
  • Network Connectors provide another way to create the trunk or backbone cable.

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