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Wiring Common Switching Applications

technical article from Blue Sea Systems

The wiring diagrams presented below are for several common switching applications that you may want to wire through your WeatherDeck™ Panel, or through any branch circuit distribution panel. The schematic representations for switch actions are presented in the table below.

SPST - Single Pole Single Throw
SPDT - Single Pole Double Throw
DPST - Double Pole Single Throw
DPDT - Double Pole Double Throw

Horn SPST - OFF/(ON)

Navigation Lights (Independent bulb) SPDT - ON/OFF/ON

Bilge Pump SPDT - ON/OFF/(ON)

Trim tabs (independent operation of each tab) SPDT - (ON)/OFF/(ON)

Navigation Lights and Anchor lights (Shared bulb) DPDT - ON/OFF/ON

To see more wiring examples/applications for navigation lights, see Technical Brief: Navigation Light Switching for Vessels Under 20M.

Switching not just for power-Switching Audio DPDT - ON/OFF/ON

Note: Switch both speaker wires to prevent possible damage to audio and VHF amplifiers.

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Original article from Blue Sea Systems

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