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FlexStep Installation Instructions

The FlexStep is a very simple product to install; however, the following instructions must be strictly followed to properly and safely secure the FlexStep to your boat trailer.

Your kit consists of one mounting plate (A), one backing plate (B), a step (C), a receiver pivot tube (D), one 4" locking pin and one 3¼" locking pin (E), four bolts (F), four washers (G), and four nylon locking nuts (H).

flexstep trailer step

The included hardware is designed to install the FlexStep to any boat trailer with frames up to three inches deep. If your trailer frame is larger, you will need to purchase longer bolts separately at any hardware store. Required tools include a 17mm wrench/socket and/or a crescent wrench.

Step 1

Pull out the 4" locking pin to remove the pivot tube and step assembly from the mounting plate. This will make it easier to attach the plates to the trailer.

Step 2

backing bracket on trailer

Place the mounting plate (A) on the trailer frame in the location of your choice. Take the four bolts (F) and place them through the mounting plate and align with the trailer frame. Place the backing plate (B) on the back or rear side of the trailer frame (underside of frame if mounting to trailer tongue) and align the four bolts through the corresponding holes. (Be sure to use the side with the protective film liner against the trailer frame to minimize marring). Apply a washer (G) over the end of each bolt and attach the nylon lock nut (H). Secure with firm pressure. Be careful not to over tighten, which could cause distortion of the mounting plates.

Step 3

Place the pivot tube (D) in the base mounting plate over the pivot bolt with the notch facing downward or toward the mounting plate. Align to the desired angle position and install the 4" locking pin. You can adjust the length of the step by removing the shorter locking pin and adjusting it to the desired length and re-installing the pin.

For safety purposes and to prevent any damage to the boat's finish or gelcoat, the FlexStep must always be removed when moving the trailer or loading the boat on or off the trailer. This can be done by removing the longer base plate locking pin and removing the step and receiver tube as one unit.

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