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Busbars for Battery Connections - Organizing Wire Tangles on Battery Terminals

technical article from Blue Sea Systems

Project Description

As a boat's electrical system grows, more and more large cables seem to find their way onto the battery terminals. This creates a messy and dangerous situation and degrades the performance of the boat's electrical system by creating an increasingly poor electrical connection.


Installing a main negative or positive ship's bus to organize heavy electrical cables improves the reliability, the appearance, the performance and the maintainability of your boat's electrical system.


  1. Remove all cables from the battery post to be organized.
  2. Mount the selected busbar as close as possible to the battery to which the cables were connected. Select a position that will not require extending the cables.
  3. Make a short jumper cable of wire rated for the total system amperage and connect the busbar to the battery terminal.
  4. Reconnect the cables that were on the battery post to the busbar.

Product List


2301 BusBar - For very small systems up to 150 Amperes total current draw


2105 or 2106 MaxiBus - For medium sized systems up to 250 Amperes


2104 or 2107 PowerBar for very large systems up to 600 Amperes

Original article from Blue Sea Systems

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