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Comparing TotalBoat Against the Competition

TotalBoat Krypton

Similar Copper-Free Ablative Paints

$184.99 /gl

Interlux Pacifica Plus

$189.99 /gl

Interlux Micron CF

$229.99 /gl

Pettit Hydrocoat Eco

$234.99 /gl

Krpyton is an advanced, copper-free antifouling paint that provides excellent protection from algae, shell and weed fouling. Krypton uses Econea to ward off barnacles and zebra mussels, and has a unique zinc biocide to combat slime. This premium, copolymer ablative technology was formulated to prevent the attachment of plant and animal fouling on vessels in even the worst fouling conditions. Suitable for wood, fiberglass and aluminum power or sailboats. Available in six bright colors.

  • Advanced copper-free technology.
  • Zinc biocide to combat slime.
  • Clean, bright colors.

TotalBoat Spartan

Similar High Copper Ablative Paints

$169.99 /gl

Pettit Horizons

$172.99 /gl

Interlux Ultra-Kote

$189.99 /gl

SeaHawk Cukote

$199.99 /gl

Spartan uses the latest copper ablative technology to release biocides at a controlled rate for multi-season antifouling protection. Its high biocide content provides great performance against all marine growth. Self-polishing ablative means that there will be no heavy paint build-up and less sanding for you.

  • Multi-season protection.
  • Controlled biocide release.
  • Advanced copper copolymer formula.

TotalBoat KeelHauler

Similar Full-Season Copper Paints

$129.99 /gl

Flexdel Aquagard

$129.99 /gl

Interlux ACT

$132.99 /gl

Pettit Ultima SSA

$129.99 /gl

KeelHauler provides season-long protection against algae, barnacles, and other foulants. Its ablative forumla releases KeelHauler's potent 38% copper load at a controlled rate throughout the season, while minimizing paint build-up. Compatible over most other antifouling paints, KeelHauler is ideal for fiberglass, steel, and wooden boats. In extensive independent testing, KeelHauler was the highest performing single-season antifouling paint.

  • Full-season protection.
  • For fiberglass, steel, and wood.
  • Excellent performance & value

TotalBoat JD Select

Similar Water-Based Ablative Paints

$124.99 /gl

Interlux Bottomkote Aqua

$129.99 /gl

Pettit Hydrocoat

$154.99 /gl

Pettit Hydrocoat SR

$219.99 /gl

JD Select is a waterbased ablative antifouling paint that is easy to apply and cleans up nicely with water. Provides excellent protection for fiberglass & wooden boats. It offers outstanding results using waterbased antifoulants - which means that is very low in VOC's, environmentally friendly & extremely easy to use. Can be applied over aged antifouling coats with proper preparation. Availabe in quarts.

  • Easy to apply water-based ablative antifouling bottom paint.
  • Cleans up nicely with soap and water.
  • Low Odor.
  • Dries quickly.

TotalBoat Underdog

Similar Economical Antifouling Paints

$86.99 /gl

Interlux Bottomkote NT

$89.99 /gl

SeaHawk Talon

$94.99 /gl

Pettit Unepoxy Standard

$101.99 /gl

Underdog is a dependable antifouling bottom paint designed to provide outstanding protection at a very affordable price.

  • Economical antifouling protection.
  • Single-season ablative.
  • Excellent adhesion to fiberglass & wood.

TotalBoat Outdrive AF

Similar Copper-Free Underwater Paints

$28.99 /12 oz. Aerosol

Trilux 33

$33.99 /16 oz. Aerosol

Pettit AlumaSpray

$35.23 /12 oz. Aerosol

Blue Water Drivesleek

$31.39 /12 oz. Aerosol

TotalBoat Outdrive AF provides full-season antifouling protection for outdrives, trim tabs, struts, props, shafts, bow thrusters and more. Its high-performance copper-free formula is safe for underwater metals and won't cause galvanic corrosion. This makes it ideal for aluminum.

  • Full-season antifouling protection.
  • Perfect for trim tabs, struts, props and shafts.
  • Use below the waterline.
  • Available in 12 oz. aerosol and quart can.

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