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Corrosion Technologies

Corrosion Technologies

Corrosion Technologies manufactures a complete line of leading-edge anti-corrosion, lubricant, and penetrant products incorporating the latest developments in Polar Bonding technology and Fluid Thin Film Coating (FTFC). Their innovative products are used in a range of industries, including Marine, Automotive and RV, Aviation, Construction and Mining, Concrete, and Asphalt.

Products for the marine industry include:

  • CorrosionX
  • CorrosionX HD
  • RejeX

Rejex boat wax results


CorrosionX anti-corrosive lubricant

CorrosionX is the world's most effective corrosion prevention compound, lubricant, and penetrant. Its advanced formula uses proprietary Polar Bonding technology to not only slow the corrosion process, but stop existing rust and corrosion, and provide long-term protection from corrosion and rust on any metal surface. It sticks like a magnet to metal so it can not be displaced easily by moisture, pressure, or friction, making it ideal for marine environments, and continues to lubricate under high temperatures and extreme loads. It's also safe for use on electronics and, with its zero VOC content, is safe for the environment.

CorrosionX HD

CorrosionX HD heavy duty anti-corrosive lubricant

CorrosionX HD is the thick-film, high-performance version of CorrosionX. It provides stronger, longer-lasting more heavy-duty protection against rust and corrosion, especially in marine environments where maximum moisture protection is needed. It forms a dripless, self-healing, protective film that resists erosion caused by spray and splash, or even complete saltwater submersion. It even penetrates existing rust and corrosion to stop electrolysis and eliminate moisture. And it won't stiffen or crack under stress.


RejeX for cleaning and detailing

RejeX is a space-age thin-film polymer coating that produces a deep, lustrous shine (see top image) that lasts longer—by months—than the most popular waxes available today. It provides a high-release protective finish for boats, RVs, cars, trucks, airplanes, and motorcycles. In addition to creating a beautiful shine, RejeX can also be applied to windshields to repel rain. Best of all, it doesn't contain free silicone oils found in other products which can cause contamination and problems when repainting.

Leading-edge technology, ongoing specialized products development, and commitment to quality have ensured that Corrosion Technologies is recognized as the manufacturer of the most advanced lubricants and protective coatings in the world.

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