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Life Cell Marine Safety

Life Cell Marine Safety Brand Image

In December 2011, Scott Smiles, Rick Matthews, and their two young sons were over 6 miles out at sea when their boat sank suddenly, without warning. With little time to grab safety equipment, they were stranded for over an hour in the open seas with just two life vests, an EPIRB, and a cooler.

This potentially catastrophic accident inspired Scott and Rick to help improve survival rates by creating the Life Cell—a device that is redefining how boat safety equipment is stored and used in the event of a life-threatening emergency at sea.

These products are designed to be highly visible to rescue personnel, and are constructed of fire-retardant, UV-resistant, fuel-resistant polyethylene.

Life Cell in use

Life Cell Products

Life Cell Yachstman and bracket

The Life Cell stores safety equipment securely in a buoyant container that can be accessed easily in an emergency. It also ensures that users stay afloat and remain together if their vessel sinks.

Available in four models: The Crewman (assists 8 people), The Trawlerman (assists 6 people), The Yachtsman (assists 4 people), and The Trailer Boat (assists 2-4 people). Each Life Cell is designed to hold:

  • An EPIRB
  • Flares
  • Marine distress flag
  • Air horn or whistle
  • Flashlight
  • Handheld VHF radio, cell phone, wallet, keys, etc.

Each Life Cell includes a black mounting bracket and safety lanyards. Safety equipment must be purchased separately.

Life Cell and included bracketLife Cell and included lanyardLife Cell with contents (not included)Life Cell and included lanyard

Life Cell mounted

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