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Captain Tolley

Captain Tolley's: Stopping Cracks in Their Tracks for Over 30 Years

Leave it to a sailor to "build a better mousetrap" when it comes to finding and fixing cracks that are barely visible, but cause visible leakage. Captain Peter "Tolley" Jordan spent 30 years at sea skippering boats in all weathers and realized that most leaks are caused by hairline cracks, rather than large, visible gaps.

In 1986, he launched a penetrating sealant–Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure–to help sailors fix leaking cracks on their boats. For over 30 years, Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure has been used to help make vessels watertight—from ancient sailing yachts to Arctic exploration vessels. It was even used to seal the roof on the UK Olympic Stadium.

Because it's compatible with numerous surfaces, Captain Tolley's is great for repairing cracks found around the home, and in cars and RVs, too. ■

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