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Load Shedding Using the CL-Series BatteryLink™ ACR

technical article from Blue Sea Systems

Non-essential loads, such as entertainment equipment and refrigeration, can draw large amounts of power from a boat's battery banks. This can drain the battery down to a level where it no longer can power essential equipment such as communications and navigation. Having a way to shed these devices from the circuit is desirable.

The CL-Series BatteryLink™ ACR (PN 7600) can be used to disconnect discretionary loads and protect a battery bank from excessive discharge. If a battery bank is discharged too low by these loads, the BatteryLink™ ACR disconnects the load from the battery bank. The load will be reconnected when the voltage recovers by about 6% above the disconnect value. The BatteryLink™ ACR default disconnect voltage is set at 12.7 Volts. However, it is adjustable to values between 11.5 and 13.3 Volts to allow varying degrees of discharge before the load is disconnected.

When using the BatteryLink™ ACR for load control:

  1. Connect the battery positive to BatteryLink™ ACR Terminal A through appropriate circuit protection.
  2. Connect the non-critical load to BatteryLink™ ACR Terminal B.
  3. Connect the battery negative to BatteryLink™ ACR Terminal 3.
  4. Adjust the "Combine" control potentiometer to the intended cutoff point.
  5. To provide a manual override or to connect a remote LED, refer to BatteryLink™ ACR instructions.

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Original article from Blue Sea Systems

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