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Winterizing Pressurized Freshwater System

Technical article from Jabsco

Winterising Your Pressurised Freshwater System

These simple actions will only take a short while to carry out, they may save you a lot of money.


When you leave your boat for the winter, to avoid frost damage, drain your pressurized water system.

The easiest way is to turn the pump off, open the taps and allow the water to drain out, then, open the drain valves to empty the rest. If your system doesn't have drain valves, disconnect a pipe joint at the lowest point in the system and allow to drain.
It may also be necessary to drain the pump supply tank and hot water storage tank separately.

Before you leave check you have drained as much water as possible.


If your system is frozen and you find it in this state check everything. Pumps can crack, water storage heaters can split, pipe can split, joints can break. If you are using Hep2O then the pipe should be undamaged, it is however not uncommon for a joint to split.

Do not turn on your pump until you are confident there are no leaks in the system. You may pump the contents of your freshwater tanks into the bilge, if your bilge pumps are frozen this may have knock-on effects.

Original article from Jabsco

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