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How To Measure Carver Bimini Tops

How To Measure a Bimini Top

To select a bimini top for your boat you will need to know the length, height and width of top your boat requires.

  1. Determine what portion of your boat you want the top to cover. The tops come in 5', 5'6", 6', 8', 9' and 10' lengths.

  2. Determine where you want the top mounted. Measure the width between these two points to determine the width of your top. All mounting hardware is included with our tops including universal deck hinges with 90 degree stops to allow mounting in virtually any position.

  3. Stand inside your boat and measure the distance in height from the mounting points to the height you desire. This will help you determine how high your top needs to be.

Original article from Carver Industries Inc.

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