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Festool Change Circular Saw Blade

Changing The Circular Saw Blade

Changing a blade on the saw seems to require four hands. One to hold the saw in plunge position, one to press in the blade lock, one to loosen the blade and one to pull the blade out.

Here are a few tips to reduce the number of hands you need to two.

First Step: Unplug the saw!

Second Step: Put the saw on a guide rail slightly overhanging your bench top. Set the depth of the saw to where the arbor nut shows through the window. Now you're ready to change the blade.

Third Step: Plunge the saw with one hand and hold it there. Fit the hex key in the arbor nut.

Fourth Step: Depress the blade lock with your thumb. The blade lock is located near the saw handle. Loosen the blade with the hex key that comes with the saw (or with a Toolie).

Fifth Step: Still holding the saw in the plunged position, put the arbor nut, collar and hex key to one side. Then gingerly pull the blade down and out. The clearance is tight between the blade and splitter, so just be careful as you go. If its too tight of a fit, plunge the saw lower and the blade will be easier to remove. To put a new blade in, reverse the process. The splitter can be removed in a similar manner. The smaller window on the left allows you reach the hex bolt that holds it in.

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