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King Starboard on Pontoons and Inflatables

A Lifetime Warranty On Pontoon Decks

King StarBoard® has replaced teak, plywood and laminated wood products on thousands of outboards, cruisers, and stern drive boats. Tables, doors, hatches, grab rails, moldings, steps, transoms, and more can be made for pontoon boats in the same way they are made for other boats. Low- maintenance King StarBoard® accessories not only look great, but they last as long as the rest of the boat.

On pontoon boats, builders have the opportunity to remove all decay-prone wood products because entire decks and seat assemblies can be made from King StarBoard$reg and StarLite®. Wood products usually require repair or replacement within 5 to 10 years, but with all decks, seats and accessories made from King StarBoard® and StarLite, builders can offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their boat.

A deck for a pontoon boat would most likely require a 16" x 16" support grid with 3/4" King StarBoard® decking, depending on the width of support material.King StarBoard® must be fastened with screws or other anchors, because structural bonds cannot be achieved with glue. Carpet would also require a trim piece fastener around the perimeter, in addition to glue.

Upholstered seats and side bolsters will last indefinitely when plywood backing is replaced with King StarLite® Marine Grade Upholstery Board. StarLite holds staples firmly and can easily be formed into curved shapes. Fasteners are applied over the whole length of upholstered parts from the back side.

King StarBoard® is the product of choice for visible seat fronts and seat sides that often extend all the way to the deck: StarBoard's, low-maintenance, textured surface can match any color; StarBoard won't crack or splinter; and routed King StarBoard® edges are smooth - eliminating the jagged unsightly, edges of plywood. King StarBoard® makes boats beautiful and durable, and many manufacturing steps are eliminated because King StarBoard® is a pre-finished sheet good.

High-tech Inflatables

King StarBoard® blends much better than plywood with the other high-tech materials used on inflatables; therefore, King StarBoard® creates a more consistent look, and a much stronger impression of durability. Inflatable manufacturers can offer a lifetime warranty on parts made with King StarBoard®. It will not swell or rot when wet, and cannot delaminate because it is not a laminated product.

Inflatable boats can use King StarBoard® to replace plywood decks, seats, and transoms. As always, support is required to create rigid elements. When elements must have some flex, parts must be engineered so that King StarBoard® will flex correctly in tandem with support elements.

The Key to Success

Plastics behave differently than wood and laminates. Wood products tend to warp and twist; King StarBoard® retains its original shape because it is not highly stressed. Plastics will bend, however, when not correctly installed More precisely, plastics will "cold flow," because plastics are not solids. Cold flow occurs when material is too thin or not sufficiently supported. Testing all applications is very important. Remember that thicker material is usually required for horizontal applications and when using darker, heat-absorbing colors. The material thickness that works for plywood and laminates is not necessarily the correct thickness for King StarBoard®.

Large, water-immersed, horizontal StarBoard parts, such as 14 foot x 3 foot swim platforms, have been in use for years without problems. Correct design, installation and thorough testing are the keys to success. There is no limit to King StarBoard® applications when the nature of plastic is understood. Manufacturers can easily capitalize on StarBoard's and StarLite's overwhelming superiority for creating trouble-free, long-lasting, weather-resistant parts.

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