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Boat Polishing Guide - Restoring Gelcoat to a Perfect Finish

Time to polish and wax your boat!

Every spring we get tons of calls about buffing and the boat polish/wax process, and everyone wants to know what we recommend. The boatyards that buy from us have a system that takes a couple steps, but it's really the right way to go. What you need to understand is that these compounds are basically liquid abrasive and what you're doing is lightly sanding or polishing your hull. The more faded or "oxidized" your hull is, the more you need to compound/polish in order to get back to the original hull color. All required items are available together for less in our Basic and Professional Boat Polishing Kits featuring our proven TotalBoat products.

Step 1 Compounding
If your topsides are really faded, you should go with the TotalBuff Rubbing Compound. This stuff is great at bringing back the original color and knocking out that ugly, faded look. It is applied with a polisher and a pad.

Step 2 Finishing
The next step is to follow the Compounding with a Finishing Material boat polish in order to get a glossy, bright finish. We recommend TotalBoat TotalShine. Again, you apply this with a polisher and a pad.

Step 3 Waxing
After the boat polish is applied, the final step is to protect your finish with a wax. Use TotalBoat Premium Boat Wax. It's important that you seal and protect the finish with a good wax to maintain the gloss that you just acquired. You can use any old rag to apply it but the rag will become clogged with the wax and eventually become pretty ineffective.

Believe it or not, you can get technical about buffing pads, in that there are pads with varying levels of aggressiveness for the compounding and finishing steps. However, generally you can get away with just using the double-sided Superbuff Pad 3M 05705 for boat compound and polish applications. You can use both sides of it--one for compounding and one for finishing, if you like. It requires the 3M-05710 Mandrel Adapter.

All items necessary for this polishing process are now available in our money-saving Basic and Professional Boat Polishing Kits to meet the demands of our customers.

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