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Paint Brush Basics

Paint Brush Basics

Natural vs Synthetic Bristles:

Paint brushes with natural bristles are meant for oil-based paints. The newer Synthetic bristles can be used for anything but were really designed for water-based paints. Natural bristles will soak up the water and go limp in water-based paints.

Badger or Ox hair Bristle:

These brushes feature the softest natural bristle. Best for creating glass-smooth finishes with oil enamels and varnishes.

White China Bristle:

For oil-based paint, stain, varnish and polyurethane, as well as shellac and lacquer, we recommend using a paint brush that features these bristles. Soft natural bristles yeild a smoother finish than a black china bristle.

Black China Bristle:

For oil-based paint, stain and varnish. Bristles are stiffer and may require more forceful stroke to get the paint onto the surface but the least expensive natural bristle brush.

Quality Bristles:

Paint brush's performance depends upon the bristles. A quality brush will have Solid filaments as opposed to hollow. Bend a filament at the base and solid ones spring back while hollow won't. Densely packed bristles that taper to a chisel edge help with painting a straight edge, cutting in or tipping. Split ends or flags hold more paint and spread it more evenly and smoothly.

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